Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks (2005) by Stewart James

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Details: An essential title for every magician, The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is the only book of its kind. Magical genius Stewart James, over the course of 40+ years, compiled three volumes of the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. Now, for the first time, these classic works have been collected, newly edited, and combined in a single hardbound volume.

Over the course of nearly 450 large-format pages, James describes every nuance of this fascinating branch of conjuring. Hundreds of effects are described. Puzzles share the pages with stage-filling illusions, legendary feats (like the fabled Indian Rope Trick), escapes, spirit effects, cut and restored tricks, penetrations, trick knots, suspensions, and James’ famous Sefalaljia, to name but a few.

Rope tricks are the ultimate form of “pack small, play big” magic. And many impromptu feats that can be worked at the drop of a hat – often with borrowed rope – are described in these pages. Mini-miracles for virtually every type of performer are illuminated in these pages. From kid-show worker to close-up magician and parlor prestidigitator, rope tricks to suit nearly every taste, theme, and interest (not to mention skill) level are included.

Many of the greatest magical minds of the last 100 years contributed to the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, including Harlan Tarbell, David Devant, Jay Marshall, Martin Gardner, Eddie Joseph, Larry Becker, G.W. Hunter, Sid Lorraine, Bob Hummer, Jean Hugard, Winston Freer, Burling Hull, T. Page Wright, U.F. Grant, William Larsen, Sr., Dunninger, Percy Abbott, P.C. Sorcar, Tenkai Ishida, Will Brema, and many, many more.

The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is an invaluable reference work. Hardbound, 7×10″. 456 pages, with over 1500 illustrations.

With an introduction by Mac King and new essay on the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont.

Contents: (from book ToC)

xv Introduction – I Hate Rope Tricks? (Mac King)
xvii Foreword – Background to a Reference Book (Gabe Fajuri)

Chapter 1: Cut and Restored Cord
3 The Famous Kellar Siring Trick
3 Germain’s Siring Restoration
4 Berg’s Japanese Paper String Restoration
5 Figure Fight Restoration
6 Simple String Restoration
6 Twyno
7 Impromptu String Restoration
8 Eddie Joseph’s Restored String
9 Ovette’s Supreme String Mystery
9 Christianer’s Favorite String Trick
10 Master Cut and Restored String
11 Blodgett’s Double Restoration
12 Package Cord Mystery
12 Le-Roy’s Hindoo Yarn Mystery
13 Stanyon’s String Restoration
13 T. Wright’s Variation
14 Rupert Slater’s Variation
14 Baffling String Restoration
14 Wisenheimer String Restoration
15 Kolar’s Straw and String Trick
17 Hahne’s Version
17 George Wright’s Version
17 Thayer’s Wizzo
18 LW’s Restoring the Siring

23 Chapter 2 Cut and Restored Rope – Impromptu
23 Figure 8 Rope Restoration
23 The Hindoo Rope Restoration
24 Bluey-Bluey’s Method
24 Impey’s Impromptu Method
25 Dr Ervin’s Rope Restoration
25 Short and Long Rope Trick (Harold Sterling)
29 RW Hull’s Stretching Rope
32 Sharpe’s Rope Repaired
33 Goudruni’s Sleight of Hand Method
33 Adams’Cut and Restored Rope
35 Verheyden’s Method
35 Tarbell’s Many Cut Rope Mystery
38 Zenith impromptu Rope Restoration
38 Grant’s 1933 Rope Trick
39 Carl Brema’s Knotted Rope
45 Grant’s Sleight of Hand Rope Trick
42 Heisey’s Hindu Rope Trick
44 Punnar’s Perfected Restored Rope
45 No Knot Restored Rope
47 Grant’s Perfect Cut Rope Trick
47 Chain of Penitence (Eddie Joseph)
49 Together Again (RC Buff)
50 Two-Way Cut (Eddie Joseph)

57 Chapter 3 Cut and Restored Rope – Prepared
57 LW Marking the Center
57 HW Hull’s Marked Rope and Thumb Tack
61 Grant’s Super Rope Trick
62 Clarke’s Little Rhody Rope Trick
65 The Tarbell Rope Mystery
78 Captain Jones’ Rope Trick
78 Nowraji’s Restoration
79 Ball Them Up
79 Nichol’s No-Cut Rope Trick
80 Doc Nixon’s Rope Mystery
80 The Encore Rope Trick
81 Douglas’ Variations
83 Asbury’s Variation
84 Dr Cairy’s Follow Me Rope Routine
85 Winston Kreer’s Suggestion
86 Reilly’s Rope Trick
89 Eddie Clever’s Triple Cut Routine
89 Jeudevines Rope Routine
90 The Baker Takes a Cut
91 LW The Great Divide
92 Gessiing-Gordon Rope Trick
92 Bjorklund’s Slow Motion Restoration
93 Marvel Cut and Restored Rope
94 The JM Rope Trick
96 Burling Hull’s Miracle Restoration
101 Fleming’s Cut Yourself a Piece of Rope
105 LW Double Restoration
106 LW Zenith Rope Restoration
107 Maxam Triple Cut Rope Trick
110 Sanoj Cut and Restored Rope
111 Carlo’s E-2-Do Rope Trick
112 Fries’ A Sailor’s Rope
113 Comedy Rope Trick (John Giordmaine)
114 RW Hull’s Cut and Restored Rope
115 Shaggy Dog Panama
116 Rainbow Rope
117 Boylston’s Cut and Restored Rope
118 If You Like It (Ken Allen)
119 Restored Again (PC Sorcar)
120 Spectator Rope Trick (UF Grant)
121 Larry Becker’s Cut and Restored Rope
123 54 Rope Trick (Winston Freer)
125 Four to Two Rope Trick
127 Abbott’s Incredible Rope
129 Phoenix Cut and Restored Rope
132 Neffs Miracle Rope
135 All Fair Rope Trick
137 Olson’s Cut and Restored Rope
138 Full Hank Restoration (Robert Harbin)
139 Kord-O-Staski
140 Pajamarama
142 Chinese Cone and Rope (Allan Lambie)

147 Chapter 4 Cut and Restored Rope – Unprepared
147 Simplicity Rope Restoration
148 Tug O’War
148 Vinculum
149 Gloved Deception
149 Restoring the Rope
151 Magic Skipping Rope (Bert Douglas)
153 Ringing The Bull
154 Jamison’s Severed Rope
155 Baffleso!
156 Grant’s Stage Rope Restoration
157 Scotty Lang’s Sucker Rope Trick
158 The Lost Chord – Larsen and Wright
153 Convincing Rope Trick (Will Brema)
161 Aladdin Oriental Gimmick (Winston Freer)
164 Liddle’s Phenomenal Rope Trick
165 Chased – Larsen and Wright
165 Scissor Cut No 1 (Martin Gardner)
166 Scissor Cut No 2 (Martin Gardner)
167 Not at All (Dr Weiner)
168 Double Circle Rope Mystery
163 Clean Cut
170 Follow-Up Cut and Restored Rope Trick
170 Cut and Restored Rope to Cigarette
172 Knots of Flame (Clayton Rawson)
173 Cravat Capers (Ren Felzer)
171 Extratour (Glenn Gravatt)
177 Tom Sellers’ Cut and Restored Rope

181 Chapter 5 The Hindoo Rope Trick
181 A Brief History of the Indian Rope Trick (Peter Lamont)
183 Slater’s Moth and Rope
184 Pocket Hindoo Rope Trick
185 The Vanishing Boy
186 Dunninger’s East Indian Rope Trick
187 Svengali’s Rope Climbing Trick of India
189 Wright’s Indian Rope Trick
190 Devant’s Hindu Rope Trick
198 Indian Rope Trick (Felix Korim)

199 Chapter 6: Knots
199 GW Hunter’s Puzzle Knot
200 One Hand Knot
200 Flip Knot
200 Lightning Knot
200 Two at a Time
201 The Knot of Enchantment
201 Any Number of Knots
202 Guarding the Line
202 Ferber’s Spectre Tie
203 Vanishing Square Knot
203 RW Hull’s Famous Vanishing Knot
205 Chefalo’s Vanishing Knot
205 The Captive Knot
205 The Magic Shoelaces
206 John Braun Combination Knot
207 Wholesale Knot Removal
207 Gone Again
207 Visibly
207 CT Jordan’s Mystifying Knot Trick
208 One Hand and One Knot
208 Cordini’s Double Knot
209 Nonesense Knot
209 Quicker Than U Think (Satan)
210 Appearing Knot (Tan Hock Chuan)
210 Fastest Knot on Record
211 Martin Gardner’s Magic Knot
211 Martin Gardner’s Chefalo Release
211 Martin Gardner’s Impossible Knot
212 Sanders’ Phantom Knot
212 The Illusive Knot
212 Lingley’s Swing-Away Knot
212 Loe’s Chefalo Developments
215 Loe’s Shoelace Variations
216 The Repeal Knots
217 Joseph Kleen’s Slip Knot
217 Take It Off
219 The African Knot
220 Phantini Vanishing Knot
229 Cut and Restored Rope Knot (George Kaplan)
221 Lingley’s Omega Square Knot
222 Lingley’s Alpha Square Knot
222 Perfect False Knot
223 The Invested Knot
221 Steal of the Red Knot
224 The Climbing Knot
226 The Scobie Knot
226 Knottery
227 Hamilton’s Idea
228 Scurti’s Jumping Knot
228 UF Grant’s Spirit Knots
229 Naughty Knot (Joe Cossari)
229 The Knot of Foam (Tenkai Ishida)
231 Alterknot Way (Stewart James)
231 Perfect Vanish of Several Knots (Allan Lambie)
232 Knot Monte (Tom Sellers)
233 A Neat Tangle (Tom Sellers)

237 Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Rope Tricks
237 Stabbing the Loop
237 The Bachelor’s Needle
238 Same Ring – Same Finger
239 Davis’ Sinbad’s Rope
240 Person’s Miracle Rope Growth
241 Alagen Rope (Winston Freer)
241 Master Muscle (Winston Freer)
241 Tug-of-War Rope (Winston Freer)
242 The Hypnotized Rope
242 Grant and Maillow’s Ropes of Bengal
244 Hanson’s Climax Rope Trick
246 Percy Abbott’s Easy-Do Rope Trick
246 Grant’s Amazing Rope Secret
247 A Torres Straits Lizard
248 The Idiot Rope Trick
249 UF Grant’s Comedy Rope Trick
250 Thumb Tie Extraordinary
252 Slick Tie
253 Larry Becker’s Knot Effect
254 Tan Hock Chaun’s Knot Effect
255 Handkerchief and Rope Penetration
257 Spooky Rope
257 Long Smoke
258 Substitution Trunk (Burton Marks)
259 Krazy Kube (Roy Shrimplin)
259 Embarrassing Rope
260 Wrist Tie Supreme
263 Rod Tie
264 Club Performer’s Spook Act
265 Thumb Tie (Eddie Joseph)
266 Unaccommodating Rope (Eddie Joseph)
269 Secret Ingress (Eddie Joseph)
272 Trapped in Space (Eddie Joseph)
271 Double-Barreled Barrel Head (Clyde Cairy)
275 Poor Man’s Monkey Bar (UF Grant)
276 Watch on Rope
277 Nu-Way Linking Ropes (Aldini)
278 Prayer Vase Routine
279 The Card and the Rope
279 Rope Holder (Robert Harbin)
280 Added Enchantment (Robert Harbin)
280 West Meets Easy (Robert Harbin)
282 Ring Transformation (Bob Taylor)
284 A Surprise Ending (Jim Kahlert)
285 Tied at the Stake Illusion (C James Rahino)
287 Dummy Cigarette (Billy Bell)
287 Tokkuri and Rope (Yasunaga Matsuura)
288 Sideology (Stewart James)
289 Tu-Be or Not Tu-Be (Stewart James)
289 Switch Hitcher (Stewart James)
290 Wedding Accessories (Stewart James)
292 Cubestrick (Stewart James)
293 Monte Zooma (Stewart James)
294 Rope Appear (Glenn Gravatt)
294 Witness for the Prosecution (Glenn Gravatt)
295 Visible Silk on Rope Appearance (Glenn Gravatt)
296 Flying Silk and Ropes (Glenn Gravatt)
297 Rope Through Hank (Allan Lambie)
298 Simplex Color Changing Rope (Allan Lambie)
299 Vanishing Knot and Rope Penetration (Lambie)
300 Attention—March! (Allan Lambie)
301 The Perfect Rope Stretch (Allan Lambie)
302 Squirmy Wirmy Rope (Allan Lambie)
302 Stretching a Rope No 1 (Tom Sellers)
303 Stretching a Rope No 2 (Tom Sellers)
303 Stretching a Rope No 3 (Tom Sellers)
304 A Different Rope Streching (Tom Sellers)
305 Rollo (Tom Sellers)
309 Chapter 8 Penetrations – One Rope
309 Loop the Loop
309 The Leg Tie
309 Nevil Maskelyne’s Leg Tie
310 Tenkai’s Rope Through Neck
311 New Rope Through Neck
311 The Handkerchief Release
312 Jay-Bee’s Undisturbed Knot
313 The Vest Turning Trick
314 The Ring on Rope
314 The Ring Knotted on the Rope
314 Puzzling Ring on the Rope
315 The New Ring on Rope
315 Slater’s Ring on the Rope
315 Borrowed Ring on the Rope
316 The “Cheeky” Rope and Ring Trick
316 ES Rope and Ring Trick
317 The Dropping Ring
318 Wholesale Ring Removal
318 Leedy’s Ropo Ringo
319 Jordan’s Psychic Ring Release
320 Eddie Joseph’s Ringed
320 Adams’ Rope and Ring Experiment
322 The Rope Through Stick
322 Grant’s Witch’s Broom
322 Cutting a Lady in Half
323 Thumb Amputation
324 Hindu Ring Mystery (Eddie Joseph)
324 Rope Ring and Rod
325 Rope-It
326 Ringing a Rope
327 Hummering
327 Release-oring
329 Out of the Loop
330 Eddie Joseph’s Remarkable Release
331 A Ring Between (Arturo)
332 Talisman of Hung Woo
333 Blok-Kord
334 Houdini Block
336 Post and Ropes Illusion
338 Ribbonifty
339 Bisect-U
340 Uncanny Rope Mystery
341 Cutting a Girl in Halves
342 Whirling Dervish
343 Cyro’s Super-Duper Rope Trick
344 Check-R-X (Arturo)
345 Endless Neck Rope
346 Octagoon (Lester Lake)
347 Rope Through Body (Joe Karson)
347 Divorce in Zuzuland (Eddie Joseph)
349 Rope and Silk Penetration (Henry Holova)
359 Ring-a-Ding-Ding (George Johnstone)
351 Ringed Rope (Robert Harbin)
352 Walking Through a Rope (Robert Harbin)
353 Knotted Hank Off Rope
354 The Ambitious Ring (Larry Becker)
355 Through Solid (Hideo Kato)
356 The Rope Through Body (P. Fox & D. Dew)
358 Betwixt (Stewart James)
359 Second Class Passage (Stewart James)
359 It’s a Drag (Stewart James)
360 Dissolving Knot and Silk Release (Gravatt)
361 Visible Rope and Ring Combination (Gravatt)
362 Rope Silk and Bracelet Combination (Gravatt)
364 Coat Rope and Rings (Gravatt)
367 Simple Ring from Rope (Allan Lambie)
368 Perfect Rope Through Body (Allan Lambie)
369 Rope and Rod (Tom Sellers)
369 A Ring Release (Tom Sellers)
370 A Different Ring Release (Tom Sellers)
371 Rope Rings and Hat (Tom Sellers)
371 Ring and Loop(Tom Sellers)
372 Rope and Ring No 1 (Tom Sellers)
372 Rope and Ring No 2 (Tom Sellers)
373 Rope and Ring No 3 (Tom Sellers)

377 Chapter 9 Penetrations Two Ropes
377 Ropes Through Neck
377 Venable’s Improved Ropes Through Neck
378 The Ropes and Rings Mystery
379 Stanley Collins’ Ropes and Rings Release
380 Relue’s Ropes and Cups
380 Oriental or Simplicity Rope Release
380 Walking Through Ropes
381 The 3-in-l Ropes
381 Aldolph Berber’s Mimi-Cords
382 A Rope Hitch
382 Color Wrinkle
383 Rope and Coat Release
384 Coffee and Doughnuts
384 Comedy Doughnut Trick
385 Improved Ropes Through Neck
386 Lucier’s Psychological Discovery
387 Block-it
388 Joseph’s Lightning Escape
389 Off the Cuff
390 Houdini’s Grandma
391 Thru and Thru
392 Within the Circle
393 Linked (Paul Curry)
394 Link Later (Elizabeth Warlock)
396 Loops Entwined
396 Ringcord (Peter Warlock)
397 Space Venture (Eddie Joseph)
399 Magilocks (Eddie Joseph)
401 Chinese Straight Jacket
402 Best-Yet Rope Penetration
403 Chinese-Style Pickpocket
405 Easy Ropes and Rings (Tom Sellers)
406 Ropes and Ring (Tom Sellers)

411 Chapter 10 Hen Fetsch’s Rope Session
411 Rope Session
415 Rope Stretch
416 A Routine for Children

421 Chapter 11 Sefalaljia
421 Ring Mysterium
422 Sefalaljia (Stewart James)
423 Seialaljia Principle (Martin Gardner)
424 Rubber Subber (Stewart James)
425 Double Ring Ceremony (Stewart James)
426 Twogether (Stewart James)
426 Knit Picker (Stewart James)
426 Pairallel (Stewart James)
426 Massecar Cabinet (Stewart James)
429 Knot Rox (Martin Gardner)
430 Roped Ring (Lewis Ganson)
432 Neweraljia (Norman Houghton)
434 Oho Extra (Jay Marshall)

  • Publisher: Squash
  • Pages: 435
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Edited by: Gabe Fajuri
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 2005
  • Binding: hardbound

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