Mentalism, Incorporated by Chuck Hickok

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Details: A Guide for Presenting Mentalism for Corporate Audiences. More than just another book of great effects, Mentalism, Incorporated presents a detailed description of a complete corporate mentalism act…one that has provenn itself successful before corporate audiences of all sizes.

Mentalism, Incorporated is the ideal book for the magician who wants to perform strong, entertaining mentalism. This well-written book not only contains detailed instructions for performing nine audience-tested mentalism routines, it also reveals the secrets that make each routine so powerful and entertaining. A must-have book for anyone who wants to learn more about the lucrative corporate marketplace.

“This book gives you the means to present a thrilling, entertaining mentalism act. I highly recommended this book!” -Banachek

“Chuck shares the ‘real work’ about performing corporate mentalism that is missing from other mentalism books!” -Larry Becker

“Chuck’s chapters on presentation and showmanship stand alone as relevant and extremely helpful advice for anyone who wants to present mentalism before corporate audiences.” -Barrie Richardson

“I believe “Mentalism, Incorporated” will become a mentalism classic.” -Richard Webster

Contents  (from book): 

1 Foreword (Barrie Richardson)
5 Introduction

7 Chapter One, My Journey Toward Performing
11 Chapter Two, Entertaining and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences
20 Chapter Three, Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences
23 – Guideline One, A Unifying Theme
24 – Guideline Two, Believability
27 – Guideline Three, Exclusivity
28 – Guideline Four Increasing Impossibility
31 – Guideline Five, Multiple Moments of Amazement
34 – Guideline Six, Innocent or Natural Props
37 – Guideline Seven, Maximum Impact
40 – Guideline Eight, a Likeable Persona
45 Chapter Four, Three Kinds of Pre-Show Work
45 – Confirmation Letter
45 – Gathering Pre-Show Information
48 – Arranging Performing Area
51 Chapter Five, My Opener – Einstein’s Demise: rapid mathematics using a Magic Square
65 Chapter Six, Demonstration Two – Triple Influence: performer influences the selection by three spectators of candy, postcards, and a line of newspaper text
81 Chapter Seven, Demonstration Three – People Reading Plus: performer determines which spectator drew each picture
87 Chapter Eight, Demonstration Four – Books Galore: performer determines words selected by several spectators from different books
107 Chapter Nine, Demonstration Five – Anything Can Be Learned: spectator can read minds
119 Chapter Ten, My Closer – Final Forecast: at the end of the show, an envelope is opened with predictions of several choices made during the show
128 Hickock’s Way-Ahead Envelope: how to construct and use
135 Chapter Eleven, My Disclaimer
139 Chapter Twelve, Three Bonus Demonstrations
140 Bonus Demonstration One – Learning the Almost Impossible: spectators learn to say the alphabet backwards
145 Bonus Demonstration Two – State of Mind: Spectator names state mentally transmitted by performer, and that card has her name on it
159 Bonus Demonstration Three – Mega-Memory Miracle: memory demonstration
169 Hickock’s Memory System – 32 Symbol Cards from Mark Strivings
170 Mega-Memory Kicker: an add-on for the above

175 Appendix
176 Item 1 – Confirmation Letter: sample
177 Item 2 – Presentation Requirements: what the venue should supply
178 Item 3 – Introduction: what the M.C. should say
179 Item 4 – Checklist: of materials for the 6 demonstrations
180 Item 5 – Einstein’s Demise Handout
181 Item 6 – Learning the Almost Impossible Handout
182 Item 7 – Certificate: a handout
183 Item 8 – Books and Supplies

  • Publisher: Developmental Productions Press
  • Pages: 184
  • Location: St. Paul, MN, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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