Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz (Vol. 2) by Basil Horwitz

(c. 1984,2003) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Seven more incredible demonstrations of the paranormal that will entertain and perplex the most demanding audience.

When I met Basil many, many years ago (well over 20 years ago) I saw him demonstrating his brilliant Poker Deal. He dealt cards to himself and to a spectator and then put a £50 note on the table and if Basil could beat the spectator he kept the money and if he lost he would lose £50. This is repeated over and over again with new hands being dealt and the spectator having more and more choice yet the magician never loses any of the money at all. The final part of the routine allows the spectator to see cards face up and being given the choice to choose the cards for his hand as they are dealt. Again the magician keeps his money. I was baffled by this effect and asked Basil to let me put it in the first volume but he refused. I plagued him for a year or so and it is now released here in Vol. 2 along with 6 other effects all of which would gain any good mentalist a brilliant reputation.


  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Challenge Poker Routine
  4. Spectator’s Clairvoyance & Spirit Test
  5. ESP Mindreading Plus Mindcontrol
  6. One Hundred And Forty Thousand Six Hundred And Eight To One
  7. Challenge Double Prediction Effect
  8. Challenge Bank Note Mindreading
  9. Basil Horwitz – Challenge Thought, Version II
  • Publisher: Martin Breese
  • Pages: 76
  • Location: Brighton, England
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 1984, 2003
  • Binding: softbound

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