Meant to be by John B. Born, Born Innovations

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Details: The “Any Card at Any Number” plot is one of the premier and most complex plots in all of card magic. Every aspect of this plot intrigues me.

The plot is simple in concept, intricate in method, and absolutely astonishing in performance. Inside of these pages you will find what I believe to be the most amazing presentations and methods to the “Any card at any number” plot ever offered to the magic community.

Not only will you enjoy my original methods, but also the best methods from some of magic’s most influential minds. And this is only the beginning… I begin this journey with a thirty three page essay on creativity, in which I offer a systematic approach to creativity and the expression of one’s self through the magical arts. I then exemplify this approach as I offer full descriptions of my most guarded solutions to the “Any Card at Any Number” plot, as well as contributed methods that have had a major impact on this plot (some famous and some never-before-published). These solutions include every possible venue and skill level…from impromptu and close-up with a borrowed deck to much more intricate and prepared stage presentations where the performer never even touches the cards!

At the end of the book you will find over 40 other sources cited to serve as a reference point for anyone interested in the “Any card at any number” or “Card at any number” plots. As you page through this work, you will soon find that I have included many other systems, techniques, and routines that do not deal with the “Any card at any number” plot. If you are looking for a compilation of “sleighty” routines and moves, this is not the book for you. However, if you are interested in routines and systems that look like real magic constructed with clever principles designed to fool and entertain the layperson and the fellow magi alike, you will enjoy this book!

Including contributions from:

  • Dr. Ken Krenzel
  • Allan Ackerman
  • Barrie Richardson
  • Banachek and Luke Jermay
  • Martin Joyal
  • Joshua Jay
  • Tony Miller
  • Paul Cummins
  • Mike Powers
  • Jason Dean


17 An Essay On Creativity

51 The “Meant to Be” System
51 The Development of the Meant to Be System
61 The Meant to Be System

79 Featured Effects
79 ReBorn…An Any Card At Any Number
91 The Perfect Effect
93 Stooged
99 Premonitioned
105 Meant to Be
113 Spectrum
116 Not a Joker
118 The Two Detectives Revisited

123 Further Ideas and Applications
123 Box Improvement
124 Angle Improvement
125 Cellophane Secret
125 Meant to Be System as a Force
126 Meant to Be System as a Control
126 Mental Transpo
127 Eddie Joseph’s Premonition Revisited
127 Meant To Be System as a Specified Control
128 Meant To Be System as a Peek
129 One Ahead – One Behind
130 Riffle the Peek
131 Sizable Clairvoyance
132 Meant to Be System as a One-Way Deck System
133 Applying a Peek to the Meant to Be System
133 Applying a Force to the Meant to Be System
134 Card at Any Number
134 Impossible Colorcation
135 Midnight Coincidence
136 Tossed Prediction
137 Invisible Prediction
137 Applying One-Ahead to the Meant to Be System
137 Red/Blue
138 Red/Blue Improved
139 Mental Epical
140 The Meant to Be System on Stage
140 The Meant to Be System Without Marks

142 Further Effects
142 Any Cull At Any Number
148 Baker Revisited
155 Baker Bested
162 Twist of Fate
170 A Moving Sandwich
179 Numerical Analysis (Mike Powers)
188 Numerical Reverse (Powers/Dean/Born)

191 Techniques
191 Dribble Force
204 Ribbon Spread Force
218 The BIL System Improved
220 True Cut Z
225 M2
229 1…2…3 Stack
230 Communication

234 Contributions
234 Open and Shut Case (Dr. Ken Krenzel)
241 Anyone-Anywhere: Two Shakes (Allan Ackerman)
247 Any Card at Any Number (Barrie Richardson)
255 Any Card at Any Number (Luke Jermay/Banachek)
267 Red, White and Blue (Martin Joyal)
286 Any Card at Any (Page) Number (Joshua Jay)
293 Skrood Again (Tony Miller)
298 Almost Any Card At Almost Any Number (Paul Cummins)
308 Almost Any Card At Almost Any Number #2 (Paul Cummins)

315 Final Comments
315 History and Credits
325 Final Comments

  • Publisher: Born Innovations
  • Pages: 328
  • Location: Unknown
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 2006
  • Binding: hardbound

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