Magic of the Mind by Lewis Ganson

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Details: (Sparky): A collection of over fifty Mental Effects.


1 Foreword

4 Section One – Predictions
5 The 100% Prediction (Punx)
11 Total Prediction (Gerald Kosky)
12 The Direct Prediction (John Rice)
14 Note and the Jar (Tom Sellers)
16 Phenomenal Forecast (Jack Cook)
17 The One-man Full-Vu Prediction (Ken De Courcy)
18 Mental Flashes (Dr. Stanley Jaks)
20 The Patient Telepath (Peter Warlock)
25 Novelty Dice Prediction (Tom Sellers)
26 Predicted From the Papers (Tom Sellers)
27 Super Forethought (Cyro)

29 Section Two – Book Tests
30 Unique Book Test (Harry Stanley)
31 Magazine Test (Ali Bongo)
33 Danson’s Book Test (Ted Danson)
34 A Telephone Directory Test (Eric Grause)

37 Section Three – Alive or Dead
38 My Favorite Living and Dead Tet (Dr. Raymond L. Beebe)
40 This Person is Dead (Ken De Courcy)
41 Living or Dead? (George Armstrong)
42 Alive or Dead (Delvin)
43 Turn In Your Grave (Len Belcher)

45 Section Four – Mentalism With Playing Cards
46 The Second Seer (Jack Shepherd)
48 Down in the Meadow (Peter Warlock)
50 Brainwave by Telephone (Lewis Ganson)
51 You Can Tell Fortunes (Malcolm Davison)
53 Vinchento’s Card Prediction (Les Vincent)
54 An Unusual Prediction (Tom Sellers)
56 Telephone Brainwave (Hans Trixer)

59 Section Five – Mentalism with Slates
60 Think of a City (Cyro)
61 Some Total (Len Belcher)
62 Radiopathy (Len Belcher)

65 Section Six – Mentalism By Numbers
66 A Pseudo Memory Feat (Tom Sellers)
67 One Ahead Number Effect (Tom Sellers)
68 Mentalism in Numbers (Corvello)
69 Discs of Diabolo (Tom Sellers)

71 Section Seven – Miscellaneous Mysteries
72 Lucky Bag (Gerry Findler)
73 Bag o’Locks (Henry Fetsch)
75 Caught Thoughts (Corvello)
76 Finding the Lady is Easy (Malcolm Davison)
78 Predilexo (Len Belcher)
79 Enclosed Thoughts (Len Belcher)
81 Triple Test (Frank Pots)
83 Control Board (Len Belcher)

85 Section Eight – Mentalism by Design
86 Precognition (Rupert Gilbert)
88 Mesmerental (Len Belcher)
90 The Spirit of the Letter (Len Belcher)
90 Mystic Signs (Gerry Findler)
93 Clip Board Substitutes (Gerry Findler)
94 More Mystic Signs (Hedly Wilcox)
95 Those Mystic Signs Again (Gerry Findler)

97 Section Nine – Aids for the Mentalist
98 Handling Billets (Malcolm Davison)
105 A Torn Centre Idea (Tom Sellers)
106 Spectral Writing (Harry Stanley)
106 Ghost Writing (Harry Stanley)
107 The OM. Switch Box (Harry Stanley)
108 Mentalist’s Holdall (Will Dexter)
109 Colour Easel (Bert Linnell)
112 Colour Counting Frame (Fred Crowson)
114 You Can Take It With You (Len Belcher)

  • Publisher: Harry Stanley
  • Pages: 114
  • Location: London, England
  • Edited by: Lewis Ganson
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1975?
  • Binding: hardbound

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