Dizzy Dominoes by Harry Stanley

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The amazing Dutch FISM 1958 Grand Prix winner Tonny Van Dommelen created one of the most overlooked close-up miracles ever when in 1965 he started selling his wonderful close-up routine: Dizzy Dominoes. This is a nice set (in fact 2 sets are pictured) from Harry Stanley during his 30 Brewer Street days when none other than Ken Brooke was manager.

Effect: The effect is simple and direct . . . Performer displays four dominoes, showing the fronts and backs of each one. Two of the Dizzy Dominoes have a double two spot on them and two have a double five. The four dominoes are placed on the table, two on your left side, a double two and a double five and two on your right side, also a double two and a double five. These dominoes are now turned face-down for a second, when turned over, the 2-2 dominoes are together and the 5-5 dominoes are together. This is repeated with the same results . . . This is not only a pocket trick but a COMPLETE Routine with four plastic dominoes. The moves are slow and deliberate, as a of fact it’s uncanny.

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