Magic of Steven Hamilton by Douglas Cameron

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Details: Steven Hamilton was a phenomenal magician!

Skillful, passionate, modest, humorous, charismatic… and in his short life, he did it all” cards, close-up, cabaret, table hopping, comedy, books, lectures and his own magazine.

All that, and he held down a day job!

But it was cards and close-up where he truly excelled, performing powerful original material with such delicacy and ease that you’d think it was real magic.

In fact, the best magicians in Scotland would make him run through the methods just so they could see the invisibility and beauty of his sleight of hand technique.

I’ve seen Steve do all the magic in these pages, and you cannot imagine how strong it is until you read it… and do it!” Jerry Sadowitz


i Author’s Preface
iii Introduction – Peter Duffie
vii Editor’s Foreword

3 Nocturnal Gambler
8 Rocky does a Card Trick
10 Thinking of a Card
15 Trans-Collectors
18 Hofzinser – for a Change
22 Thinking Out Loud
27 A New Twist
32 Entrapment
35 A Welcome Return
40 A Welcome Return 2
44 Knee Jerk
46 Discard Aces
49 Tough Travellers
57 Discrepancy 2
61 Uprising
64 Flash Transpo
68 Breakdown
70 Stressed-out Card
72 Lightning Aces
75 Twisting Aces
77 In the Hands Wild Card
82 The Getaway
87 Clearly Vanished
90 Turn of a Friendly Card
92 What Goes On
93 Mixing with Royalty
95 Altered Images
98 The Envelope Thing
102 Blank Jaks
105 Simply Stapled
108 Mexican Travellers
112 Countdown to Dunbury
115 Jazzed-up O. Henry
118 Going … Going… Gone (Almost)
122 Thanks to Collins
125 Headshrinkers
126 Waterfall Transpo
128 Double Take
130 Viennese Variation
132 VIC (Vernon-inspired Countdown)
134 Easy Departure
136 S-T-A-F-F
139 Fleeting Images
142 Double Deal
144 Don’t Look Back
145 Transpo Triumph
147 Watergate
150 Spot On
154 Silk & Sponge
159 Coins to Glass
162 4 Coin Production
163 On 3 Fly
166 3 Under 1
169 Coin Assembly
172 Boxed In
174 Epilogue – Lyndsey Hamilton

  • Publisher: International Magic
  • Pages: 174
  • Location: London, England
  • Edited by: Walt Lees, Peter Duffie, Alexander Allen
  • Dimensions: 7″x9″
  • Date: 2013
  • Binding: hardbound

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