The Magic of Al Koran by Martin Breese

(c. 1983,2003) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: This book was first published in hardback in 1983 and reprinted twice. Then it was released as a quality large format softback and now it has been printed twice as a softback. Copies have just arrived from the printers and the book looks great with its new front cover and excellent printing. The book is A4 in size is beautifully printed and the first edition has become a collector’s item for mentalists and Al Koran enthusiasts.

The book contains 93 pages and takes virtually every Al Koran effect as performed on TV. It analysis the effect and the method, then provides the exact words of patter as used by Al Koran.

There is a listing of all the books in Al Koran’s library by Terry Seabrooke and Jack Avis contributes material on Al Koran. Al Koran is introduced by Goodliffe and Billy McComb also provides a comprehensive article on Al and his lifetime.

Over 42 effects are detailed and described and the book is illustrated with drawings and photographs.


5 Introduction
6 Obituary
8 Al Koran by Goodliffe
12 A Little About Al Koran by Paul Ducaine
16 Al Koran by Terry Seabrooke
18 Jack Avis on Al Koran
22 Billy McComb Talks About Al Koran
31 Al Koran at Work
32 A Perfect Bridge Hand
32 Hidden Sequence
33 Will You Change Your Mind?
34 Premonition
34 Open the Box
35 The Magic Square
35 Note Under Cup
36 The Princess Card Trick Plus
37 Holiday Prediction
38 A Sense of Touch
39 Dice Stacking
39 Murder Most Foul
40 Triple Co-incidence
41 Three Solid Steel Rings
41 Personal Magnetism
42 Blindfold Cards
43 The Indian Needle Trick
43 Through the Eye of a Needle
44 Picking a Winner
44 The Chain
45 The Mystery of the Seven Cards
45 The Egyptian Thread Trick
46 Jackpot Coins
47 Celebrities
47 Design in Mind
48 A Word in Thousands
49 Second Sight
49 Book Test
50 A Word, a Number and a Couple of Cards
51 All is Revealed
51 An Orderly Mind
52 The Pendulum Tells
53 Graphology
54 The Wheel of Fortune
55 A Lesson in Magic
56 Bulls-Eye Prediction
56 The Mystery of a Name
57 The Thousand Dollar Card Trick
61 Al Koran’s American Lecture
77 Al Koran’s Turnabout
79 Poker Chip Chicanery
80 Making the Top
81 Both Sides of the Footlights
81 Al Koran – Birmingham Hippodrome
82 The Lazy Magician Does a Card Trick
83 The Entertaining Memorises Half a Pack
84 Be Good to the Centre Steal
90 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Martin Breese
  • Pages: 93
  • Location: Brighton, England
  • Edited by: Martin Breese
  • Dimensions: 8″x12″
  • Date: 1983, 2003
  • Binding: softbound

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