Magic – A Pictorial History of Conjurers in the Theater by David Price

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Details: Magic – A Pictorial History of Conjurers in the Theater. This book is David Price’s wonderful history of magicians in the theater from the time they came in from the streets and carnivals and began competing with actors of the legitimate stage to the beginning of World War II. All the greats are included:

  • Alexander,
  • Carl (Compars) Herrmann,
  • Robert Heller,
  • Harry Kellar,
  • Howard Thurston,
  • Houdini,
  • Dante,
  • Blackstone,
  • Cardini,
  • Jose Frakson,
  • Keith Clark,
  • Harry Willard,
  • Sorcar
  • and many others.

This book contains much new information that has never been published – the result of a lifetime of research and experience in the field – and in many cases corrects myths that have sprung up around the careers of famous magicians.

This is a wonderful book and getting harder to find these days.

  • Publisher: Cornwall Books
  • Pages: 551
  • Location: Cranbury, NJ, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1985
  • Binding: hardbound

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