Best of Friends (Vol. III) by Harry Lorayne

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Details: Harry Lorayne is probably the best known, best selling, writer in the field of magic, and has been so for the past few decades. In the field of memory training there is no “probably” about it. He is the “Yoda of Memory Training’ according to Time Magazine. (Go to, and see.)

When asked to say something about this book, Harry Lorayne said, in part:
“It’s taken over twenty years to allow myself to get talked into writing BEST OF FRIENDS, VOL. III, the book you’re holding in your hands right now. I was quite hesitant, thought that it’d be too much work for me at this stage of my life, and I thought I’d not be able to get enough contributions.

“Well, the work was hard, yes, but the feeling of accomplishment I get when that hard work is over more than compensates. So far as contributors are concerned, I was literally overwhelmed. I had to take out some of mv own stuff (I managed to leave some in!) to make room for some simply terrific contributions. I hope you’ll agree with my selections.
“And talk about eclectic—the breadth and range of the material in this book is amazing, from simple (but oh, so good) card miracles, to coin and cork tricks, to spelling and poker tricks, to close-up thumbtie tricks! I can say this because I’m not speaking about my own stuff—what good, mostly great, exciting, material is here!

“I’ve said this before and it warrants repetition—I would have killed for this book if I hadn’t written it! If you have a couple of decks of cards, some coins and one or two other items, plus this book, you’ll be kept busy for the rest of your life!”
Best of Friends Volume III has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.


XIII Foreword

17 Section I
19 Guess Quotient (Harry Lorayne)
25 Biography – Andi Gladwin
26 The Collecting Jacks (Andi Gladwin)
31 Double Header Prediction (Andi Gladwin)
35 Biography – Dominic Twose
36 Unreliable Witness (Dominic Twose)
39 A Pain In The Neck (Dominic Twose)
42 Biography – Sol Stone
43 Abracadaver (Sol Stone)
46 Biography – Daniel Millstein
47 Wild Card Control (Daniel Millstein)
50 DDLT (Daniel Millstein)
53 Cop And Drop (Daniel Millstein) 
56 Biography – Bob King
57 Miniskill (Bob King)
60 No Place Like Home (Bob King)
64 Biography – Ian Baxter 
65 Pokerun-Up (Ian Baxter)
68 Deceitful 21-Card Trick (Ian Baxter)
70 Even More Deceitful (Harry Lorayne)
73 Bluff Mental Reverse (Ian Baxter)

77 Section II
79 Biography – Aldo Colombini 
80 The Dream (Aldo Colombini)
85 Faster Triumph (Harry Lorayne): The T/L Move
90 Fourtold (Aldo Colombini)
93 Breather Control (Bob King) 
96 Biography – Paul Gordon
97 Head-To-Head-Poker (Paul Gordon) 
102 “Power”Ful (Paul Gordon)
105 Biography – Nick Pudar
106 Stealth Infiltration (Nick Pudar): The Pudar Count
110 Tragedy Assembly (Nick Pudar)
115 Split Boomerang (Nick Pudar)
117 Biography – Simon Lovell
118 Polaroid (Simon Lovell)
121 Poked (Simon Lovell)
125 Semi-Switched (Simon Lovell): Anonymous Double Turnover
130 The Counselors (Aldo Colombini)
134 The Stranger (Aldo Colombini)
137 Biography – Alan “Ace” Greenberg
138 In-Your-Face Thumbtie (Alan “Ace” Greenberg)
143 Monte Switch (Alan “Ace” Greenberg)

145 Section III
147 Biography – Doug Edwards
148 Collection Agency (Doug Edwards)
151 The Z-E Shuffle (Doug Edwards)
154 Biography – Allan Ackerman
155 Simulated Double Undercut (Allan Ackerman)
159 Ultra-Rub-A-Dub-Dub (Allan Ackerman)
163 U-R-A-D-D Made Easy (Harry Lorayne)
165 Biography – Jeff Altman
166 Twisting The Aces Tribute (Jeff Altman)
170 Twisted Appearance (Harry Lorayne)
173 Another Twisted Appearance  (Doug Edwards)
175 Mexican Stopover (Jeff Altman)
178 Biography – Robin Robertson
179 That Darn Four Of Clubs (Robin Robertson)
182 On Your Mark (Robin Robertson)
186 Jumping (Black) Jacks (Robin Robertson) 
190 Biography – Rene Clement
191 Sense-Sational (Rene Clement)
194 B’Wave It Goodbye (Rene Clement)
197 Biography -Martin Nash
198 Pinochle To BlackJack (Martin Nash)
201 No-Get-Ready Double Lift From A 4-Card packet (Harry Lorayne)  
204 Real (Center) Deal (Martin Nash)

207 Section IV
209 Step-Down Prediction (Doug Edwards)
212 A-m-a-z-i-n-g (Harry Lorayne)
216 Biography – Kostya Kimlat
217 Impossibility Card Trick (Kostya Kimlat)
220 Pandora’s (Card) Box (Kostya Kimlat)
225 Reloaded Cardcase (Kostya Kimlat)
228 Double-Duty Balducci (Robin Robertson) 
230 Deepers Dupers (J.K.Hartman)
234 Biography – J.K.Hartman 
235 Outjog Force (J.K.Hartman)
238 Two Gone (Sol Stone)
241 Sunset/Sunrise (Sol Stone)
244 Biography – Max Maven
245 Three-Piece Suit (Max Maven): Accesorized Three-Piece Suit 
249 Off-The-Rack 3-Piece Suit (Harry Lorayne)
252 Biography – Harvey Cohen 
253 Simple Travelers (Harvey Cohen)
256 Controlled Peek (Harvey Cohen) 
258 “Sloppy” Presentation (Harvey Cohen)
261 Section V
263 Biography – Richard Vollmer 
264 Sum Hummer Explored (Richard Vollmer)
269 Double Entendre (Richard Vollmer)
273 Easy Prediction (Richard Vollmer)
276 Biography – Michael Ammar
277 The Matched Card (Michael Ammar)
282 Restored Card To Wallet (Michael Ammar)
285 Biography – Gerald Deutsch 
286 The Multiple Top Change (Gerald Deutsch)
289 Force Some (Gerald Deutsch): Direct Ace Assembly
293 Magic Vibrations (Gerald Deutsch)
296 Biography – Peter Duffie
297 Cal-Q-Lator (Peter Duffie)
300 Next To (Peter Duffie)
305 Sudden Impact (Peter Duffie)
308 Spelleroyale (Max Maven)
310 Biography – Steve Cohen
311 Shell Shocked (Steve Cohen)
314 Dictionary Definition (Steve Cohen)
317 Biography – Michael Raeburn 
318 80/21 (Michael Raeburn)
322 Buckle Up (Michael Raeburn)

325 Section VI
327 Splodge (Simon Lovell)
330 Out Of Nine (Nick Pudar)
333 Biography – David Regal
334 Observ-Ace-Tion (David Regal)
340 The O’Henry Girls (David Regal)
346 Biography – Justin Hingham 
347 Fate, Chance, Freewill (Justin Hingham)
351 Card/Copper/Silver (Justin Hingham)
354 “Opps” Open Prediction (Justin Hingham)
358 Oil & Water Startler (Paul Gordon) 
362 (Gr)Eight! (Paul Gordon)
365 Biography – Howie Schwarzman 
366 Foxless (Howie Schwarzman)
370 The Schwarzman Coin Vanish (Howie Schwarzman)
373 Vida Pack, Plus (Richard Vollmer)
376 Acid-Jazz Aces (Justin Hingham)
381 Biography – Randy Wakeman 
382 Focused Location (Randy Wakeman)
386 Detective Location (Randy Wakeman)
388 No Questions Asked (Randy Wakeman)

393 Section VII
395 Biography – Robert Farmer 
396 The Remraf Reverse (Robert Farmer)
400 Remraf Reverse, Sulp (Harry Lorayne)
403 Passtitution (Robert Farmer)
407 Blanket (Max Maven)
411 Biography – Joshua Jay
412 To Tell The Truth II (Joshua Jay)
416 Royal Aces (Joshua Jay)
420 Cut Chaser (J.K. Hartman)
424 The Warmth Of Your Touch (Randy Wakeman)
427 Biography – Peter Kougasian 
428 Headline Prediction (Or Card Trick) (Peter Kougasian)
432 Psych-Out Poker (Peter Kougasian)
436 A Backward Card Trick (Peter Kougasian)
440 Riffle Of The 7th Card (Peter Duffie)
442 Simplified Swain, Plus (Harry Lorayne)

449 Section VIII
451 Biography – Tom Craven
452 The 27-Card Trick (Tom Craven)
455 Psychic Cards (Tom Craven)
459 Name That Card (Tom Craven) 
462 Biography – Mark Levy
463 Bux Vision (Mark Levy)
466 Pitch Black Triumph (Mark Levy)
468 Biography – Joe Rindfleisch 
469 The Jiggle Case (Joe Rindfleisch)
472 Magic Carpet Matrix (Joe Rindfleisch)
474 Heart’s Delight (Joe Rindfleisch)
478 100 Predictions (Mark Levy)
481 Biography – Michael Vincent
482 Selection & Control (Michael Vincent)
486 Three Cards, One Handkerchief (Michael Vincent)
492 Biography – Gregory Wilson
493 Face-To-Face Poker (Gregory Wilson)
497 The Trick That Sucks (Gregory Wilson)
502 2-Card Monte, Plus (Gregory Wilson)
506 Biography – Tony Noice 
507 Fastest Ever Ace Assembly (Tony Noice)
511 The MacNoice Aces (Tony Noice) 
515 Seven/Eleven  (Harry Lorayne)

522 Last Word

  • Publisher: Harry Lorayne
  • Pages: 522
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2007
  • Binding: hardbound

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