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Ken Brooke’s Magic The Unique Years by Ken Brooke

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Details: The Story of Ken Brooke’s rise to popularity told by Harry Stanley. Plus over 200 pages of magic tricks with instructions, diagrams and pictures that were performed by Ken Brooke.


3 Publisher’s Preface: Edwin Hooper

7 Section 1
7 Foreword: Harry Stanley Reminisces

17 Section 2 Wisdom, Advice and a Recommended Book
18 It’s Got to be More than Magic: some words of advice
20 Let’s Get On With It

23 Section 3 Ken on Kards
24 Ken on the Fan Force
27 The Top Change – My Way
31 The Ken Brooke Method for Producing Single Cards
34 Ken Brooke’s Card Vanish
38 Ken Brooke’s Presentation of the Vanishing Card Case and Cards

41 Section 4 Fun – Magic
42 It’s Fun to be Fooled or Grandfather’s Chestnut Corner
42 Crazy Paper
42 Magic Props – Impromptu
43 Zany Cigarette
43 The Answers A Lemon
43 Work It This Way
43 Stapled
44 Big Squirt
44 A Betcha
44 Collared
45 Two Handed Gag
45 Big Time
45 Biting a Glass
46 The Twirling Match
48 A Magical Trio from Albert Verity
48 – Old Clay Pipe
48 – 10p to 2p Piece
49 Crawling 10p Piece
50 Ken Brooke’s Pen Knife Routine
56 K.B. Knife Thru Coat
59 Something From Nothing
62 Pencil Pop
63 My Presentation of the Banknote in the Beer Mat

65 Section 5 Something – Things With Silks
66 Tom Waterman’s Sucker Colour Changing Silk
75 Ken Brooke’s Method for The Untying Silk
79 Knot-Out

83 Section 6 Classic Egg Bag and Linking Rings
84 Ken Brooke Routine for the Egg Bag
88 Ken Brooke Linking Ring Count

99 Section 7 Bottles and Bills
100 Ken Brooke’s Routine for the Padlocked Bill Tube
103 Another Routine for the Locking Bill Tube
106 Ken Brooke’s Passe Passe Bottle Routine
108 Ken Brooke’s Routine for the Multiplying Bottles

113 Section 8 Coin Capers
114 K.B. Coins Through Table
121 Okito Box Routine
127 Tea for Two
129 The Ken Brooke Routine for the Cap and Coins

133 Section 9 Packet and Other Card Tricks
133 The Dutch Looper
140 The Blocker Cards of Ken Brooke
142 L’Estrange
144 The Faulty Follower
146 Knock-Out
148 Ricochet Cards
150 Edward Victor’s E-Y-E Trick
154 A Clip of a Climax for Edward Victor’s EYE
155 Oliver Mackenzie’s Drink Trick

161 Section 10 Sponges
162 The K.B. Sponge Ball Routine

171 Section 11 Ken Brooke’s Card Act

183 Section 12 Some of Ken’s Favourites
184 Stuck-Up
184 Any Magazine or Book a Switching Tray
185 The Rising Cards
185 As A Method of Card Control
186 Tied
186 Another
187 Read “Another” Again
187 – Utility
187 – Skullocation
187 – A Spot
187 – Red Tape
188 Brain Wave Outdone
189 Ring Off
193 A Clean Prediction
196 Spots That Pass
198 Bill Wagner’s Three Card Prediction
201 K.B. Pass the Salt
203 Ken Brooke’s Routine for Milbourne Christopher’s High Signs
205 The Gozinta Tube

209 Last Section Three Cups One Cup
211 Ken Brooke’s Cups and Balls
216 Routines With the Chop Cup
218 My Chop Cup Routine
221 Bertie the Baseballer

  • Publisher: Supreme
  • Pages: 222
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Edited by: Edwin Hooper
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1980
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Ken Brooke’s Magic The Unique Years by Ken Brooke

  1. william litzler

    A tribute to a Great Man ripped off by everyone

    Basically a collection of magic trick instructions from Jack Hughes’ Unique Magic Company. Supreme magic bought all of the Unique Magic properties. At the time of publication, Edwin Hooper had no idea if Ken Brooke was alive or dead, and he did not care.

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