The John Booth Classics by John Booth

(c. 1941,1953) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Part 1 – A CONJURER ‘S REMINISCENCES: the story of John Booth,. his life and his travels with many pictures of the author, taken at different stages of his life in different parts of the world . You will thrill to this intriguing story. John writes on Mentalism and his career as a lecturer .. . How he was fooled by the Crown Prince of Japan; at his search for the Indian Rope Trick , Illustrated with dozens of photographs and memorabilia from the author’ s private collection. Here is an intriguing and Inspirational story. A book on its own yet just one book d the three within the covers which make THE JOHN BOOTH CLASSICS.

The Foreword Is by the one and only KARELL FOX. Karrell tells of two great books which gripped his imagination as a youngster and which helped him to achieve success. Those two books were ‘Marvels at Mystery’ and ‘ Forging Ahead in Magic’ . Both books were immediate hits when they were first published . THEY ARE BOTH HERE !

Part 2 – FORGING AHEAD IN MAGIC:  contains secrets more powerful than magic itself. How to sell yourself; how get publicity, and how to build an act . Here are the secrets of successful magicians … . not their tricks but the practical ideas and business methods whereby they have gained prominence and profit . John tells you how t o get more applause; how to manufacture your Own glamour. He gives you lucrative , direct mall Ideas; a chapter on better booking and safer contract s. He tells you how to get held over.

Part 3 – MARVELS OF MYSTERY:  a book of tricks that were actually used by a working professional in his act. There are chapters on ‘Opening Smartly’, ‘Preliminary Trickery’ , ‘Patter Pets’, one tor the Intimate workers , a chapter on Feature Mysteries , one on Closing Masterpieces , one for the card expert. There’s some fascinating novelty magic here , plus such GREAT items as Booth’s Modern Chinese Linking Rings, The East Indian Needle Swallowing  Mystery and similar timeless effects . For a long time , FORGING AHEAD IN MAGIC and MARVELS OF MYSTERY have been unobtainable and out of print, – collectors ‘ items …. very much sought after.

NOW HERE THEY ARE both books reprinted together with A CONJURER’S REMINISCENCES in one handsome book; a most definite must for anyone who loves magic ; for anyone who entertains; for anyone who wants to make money from magic; for anyone who wants to develop their personality and improve their stage craft.


  • Publisher: Supreme
  • Pages: 351
  • Location: Bideford, Devon
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1941, 1953
  • Binding: hardbound

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