The Himber Wallet Book by Harry Lorayne

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Details: “All You Ever Wanted to Know about the Himber Wallet And More”. If you own or are planning to own a Himber Wallet, this book is a must. Tons of ideas and routines for using a Himber wallet. The effects in this book are mostly designed for a standard “strapped” Himber wallet that has a pass-through feature, but most will work or can be adapted to Z-fold and other Himber type wallets. The prediction effects provide lots of good ideas for using a switcher to provide 4 or more results. Highly recommended.


xi Foreword: Richard Himber & the development of the wallet and original routines
xv Handling: basic wallet described, putting in the bill, basic handling described 

Chapter I
3 Any Bill Vanish: 2 bills are borrowed and placed in the wallet. One vanishes. Introduces the Pencil placeholder idea
7 Instant Money: $1 is borrowed and placed in wallet. The money is to vanish, but the Magician’s checks turn into $1 bills instead. On 2nd try, the bills turn into larger bills, but the $1 is still there. On the third try, the $1 still fails to vanish, and the large bills have turned into foreign currency.
12 Bill fooled Bet: A prediction is placed in the wallet and bet. A card is randomly selected and placed with the prediction in the wallet: they match.
15 Money Talks: Magician predicts which envelope contains the $1 and $5 bills. Includes subtle turnover move
19 Any Number: Spectator selects number between 1-20 and that card is dealt to. It matches a prediction in the wallet. This one and 5 Star Miracle are two of Harry’s ‘base’ routines for prediction effects.
25 Check It Out: Blank check becomes filled in, then turns into cash
27 Five Star Miracle: Spectator picks a card, which matches prediction (1 of 8 selection)
32 Straddle Faro Chainsaw: Stacked deck prediction “free choice”
34 A story about Richard Himber
35 I’ll Tell Your Fortune: Fortune telling using question cards and a kicker ending
40 Maybe Twice: Spectator picks one of 5 cards: it is the only one with an odd back. When tried again with remaining 4 cards, it matches the prediction in the wallet
43 Cut and Restored Ribbon: using the wallet
48 Which Is Where?: One card in pocket, one in the wallet…the spectator can’t follow it
55 Emergency Wallet: Making a Himber wallet from an American Express application form (may be dated now, but idea may still work with similar forms)

61 Chapter II
63 ESPecially for Bill-Fooled: Similar to 5 Star Miracle using ESP cards
65 DoublESP: A more involved double ESP card prediction
70 Another story about Richard Himber
71 Second Impression: Wallet as a photocopier – a card becomes imprinted with a kicker ending
76 Choice and Chance: 2 card prediction; Charlier Shuffle
82 School of Eventuality: As above, using a Koran deck
85 Do As I Do: Magician and spectator both pick a card from separate decks and place in wallet: they match!
89 Imagination: Predict the outcome of an invisible coin toss; Magician’s Choice force
92 Angle Fold: tip for Himber pass through feature
96 Currency Exchange: Bank Nite effect: Magician gets the $20
99 Oh, So Simple Currency Exchange: Easy Bank Nite
101 Another Interlude (commentary)

103 Chapter III
105 Mind Probe: Dollar serial number prediction
107 Stud Poker Prediction: Clever 4 way prediction using set up deck
111 My Word!: Spectator selects 4 or 5 Alphabet cards, makes a word, and it matches a prediction.
115 Your Word!: Spectator selects 1 of 8 or 10 word cards and it matches prediction
119 Bill Divin(ation): Reading a serial number from borrowed bills
123 The HW Book Test: A six way choice prediction
129 Isn’t That Amazing?: Mentally selected cards are “merged” into one, which matches the prediction
133 Another Himber story
134 Simple and Silly But Okay: Color Changing Aces
139 Think of a Number: A thought of number between 1-50 is predicted (but chancy!)
143 Count Revertable Aces: Aces vanish, reappear, and change color
149 Special Object: Spectator places marker next to 1 of 9 items: matches the prediction
152 Not So Special Object: Prediction of a borrowed object
154 Better Than a Clipboard: Before the show, a spectator is asked to draw an object and seals it in an envelope. After some thought, the envelope and contents are burned. During the show, the magician reveals the drawn object correctly
157 Another story (commentary)

159 Chapter IV
161 Wide and Free: Four way prediction of a coin and card
164 To a Startling End: Card is selected & returned to deck. 5 random cards are selected from the deck and placed in the wallet. 4 of the 5 cards are eliminated, and the remaining card is the selection. Includes Reverse Faro Ending
169 Polaroid Money: One of the most famous Himber wallet routines. Blank “film” turns into $2 bills, then $5 bills from ‘overexposure’
173 Lucky Seven: Mind reading. 7 cards are shown and the spectator selects 1 mentally. Magician puts one card in pocket, the other 6 in the wallet. Spectator states the card selected. Magician reveals 6 cards are NOT the selection, and pulls selection from his pocket.
178 Signed Torn Restored: $1 bill is signed, torn, and restored.
182 For a Really Free Choice: 8-12 written prediction choices book test
189 Luciforce: Magician’s prediction card is shown and signed by a spectator and returned to the wallet. Spectator now cuts to a card, which matches the prediction, and in fact, is the signed prediction card!
192 Another story
193 Poker Thing: Magician improves his poker hand 3 times using the wallet
196 Slitsville: Description of using the Himber as a loader wallet. Good! The following effects use this principle
199 Wild Jokers: Card is signed & returned to deck. Joker in the wallet is signed. The cards exchange places
203 Basic Signed Card to Wallet: No palm
205 Entre Nous: Sandwich effect using the wallet
210 Flip to Clip: Card becomes magically paper-clipped inside the wallet
217 Clips Trip: Paper clips transfer from magician’s card to a signed spectator’s card
220 Sum Prediction and Book Test: Addition prediction using a pad of paper
225 Last Word: Summary of Himber wallet effect types – switches, productions, vanishes, predictions, and mind reading.

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 227
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1998
  • Binding: hardbound

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