7-7-7 – The 21 Card Trick by Jon Racherbaumer

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Details: Jon Racherbaumer has juiced up the 21 Card Trick into a modern-day amazement. He didn’t do it alone, mind you. Here’s the list of those “tinkerers” who helped with the juicing, as it were: Bert Allerton, Harry Anderson, Simon Aronson, Steve Beam, Tomas Blomberg, Brent Braun, Gene Castillon, Bruce Cervon, Doug Conn, Jim Craig, Steve Draun, Peter Duffie, Bruce Elliott, James A. Fowler, Lee Freed, H.G. Cleveland, Martin Gardner, Phil Goldstein, Paul Gordon, Lewis Jones, Chris Kenner, Gerald Kosky, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Edward Mario, Reihard Mueller, Jack Parker, Mike Powers, Ramon Rioboo, Chuck Smith, David Solomon, David Stahl and Michael Weber.

All names you should recognize. All men outstanding in their field. Within these 198 pages, you will find more than 45 variations on this classic theme. Variations that you will use!

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