Gary Kurtz – Unexplainable Acts by Richard Kaufman

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Details: (ComicSpecialties): Contents include many of Gary’s most famous effects including FLOURIOUS which is worth the price of the book alone. Many of the tricks in this book were never put on any of his videos, so there will be some great buried treasures! The elusive Gary Kurtz is known as one of the great minds in close-up, and this is his only hardbound collection. Although a thin volume, the book is densely packed with outstanding, visual magic that has influenced the current crop of parlor-friendly close-up magic. You’ll learn classic stand-up coin effects like “Trio,” and magic with rings, envelopes, cards and more.

Contents (from book ToC (updated May 2017); descriptions derived from a review by Michael Kras on

7 Foreword (Roger Klause)
9 Preface (Gary Kurtz)
11 Hypothetical Possibilities: Cards using Balducci wallet
16 Inside/Outside: Card effect with a stapler
20 Constant Return: Copper/Silver coin
23 Attraction: Moving finger ring
25 Wishful Thinking: Cards
30 Split Disclosure: Uses Out to Lunch principle
32 Body Heat: coins
35 Four Fisted: More Copper/Silver
39 Special Delivery: Cards to envelope
43 Orange: Lemon and Apple change to Orange
46 Name It: Spectator’s name appears on selection
49 The Anticipator: coin magic
51 The Empty Hand: Card production
54 Interchange: Card transposition
61 Coming Out Ahead: coins
65 Artistic License: A Card story trick
67 Trio: coins (shell)
79 All Together: Roy Walton’s Collectors theme
83 Cigar: Money effect
88 Mirror Image: another Out to Lunch principle
91 Flurious: Full coin routine

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
  • Pages: 102
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1990
  • Binding: hardbound

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