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Psycho Kinetic Dice by Gary Kurtz

(c. 1998)

Gary Kurtz is a dynamic performer who established an enviable reputation as a performer and creator of challenging sleight-of-hand close-up magic. In recent years he has shifted his attention to the mentalism field. (You may have seen him on television performing his version of Russian Roulette using knives and paper bags, a routine that scares the bejeezus out of me.) Psycho-Kinetic Dice comes from Gary’s professional repertoire, and it is an effective demonstration of psychic ability.

You receive four dice, four 35mm film canisters, a marking pen, the necessary gimmick, and an instruction booklet. Several different effects are detailed. For example: The mentalist makes a prediction. Each of four spectators is given a die. They can examine the dice to their satisfaction. Each spectator tosses his die into a plastic beer cup. The spectators note the number on the upper face of the die. They call out these numbers, for example 4-6-2-1. This accurately matches the prediction made earlier.

Another possible effect: Each of the four dice is placed in a 35mm film container. The container caps are snapped on, and each of four spectators takes a canister. The canisters are shaken. The mentalist divines the numbers that are uppermost on each of the dice.

Gary provides several versions of each of these effects. He is thorough in his explanations, and has obviously thought a great deal about how to make each of these tests seem genuine. The underlying method is not new, but Gary has structured each routine for maximum deceptiveness. (I should also mention that these routines are geared for the stand-up performer. It is possible for the dice to make some noise as the secret maneuver is performed. If there is some distance between performer and audience this noise will not be noticed.)

Psycho-Kinetic Dice is not for the beginner. At $155 it is too expensive for the merely curious, and strong presentational skills are required. Plus, you’ll need to put in some practice time in order to handle the props smoothly and casually. But if you do mentalism for a living, I think you’ll find that Psycho-Kinetic Dice is a strong addition to your repertoire.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, June 1999)
Text Source: michaelclose.com – click for details

Approx. Price: $150.00 (1998) ***

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1 review for Psycho Kinetic Dice by Gary Kurtz

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Mentalism Prop

    This outfit has a number of uses, is easy to do and very effective. You can predict what numbers the dice will land on, even though they are quite freely shown to be quite normal dice.

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