Encyclopedia of Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson

(c. 1944,1960) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: As Harlan Tarbell so aptly pointed out in his introduction to the Encyclopedia of Mentalism, no one was better qualified to present the facts, methods and inner secrets of mentalism than Bob Nelson. Every aspect of the mentalism and psychic entertainment fields is covered in detail in this comprehensive and authoritative manual – from one-on-one reading methods employed by the office clairvoyant to complete stage and club mindreading routines. Nelson even reveals the real secrets of reading minds on radio and TV, as well as his own Master System of Mindreading which will convince even the most sophisticated, contemporary audience that you know their innermost thoughts. Plus, psychic tests, Hellstromism experiments, seances, spook shows, book and horoscope pitches, booking and publicity, and much more. 21 chapters, 146 pages, illustrated, including a number of humorous Nelson Hahne drawings.

 Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. 2nd edition added two additional chapters (9 and 14). 

Contents: (updated Sep 2017 based on Trickshop eBook edition): 

3 Preface
6 Introduction (Harlan Tarbell)

8 Chapter I Divination of Yesterday
10 Chapter II Transition of Mentalism
13 Chapter III Mindreading Vs. Magic
16 Chapter IV Essential Requisites

19 Chapter V Methods of Mindreading
19 Codes
20 Direct Telephone
20 The New Secret Invention or Mental-Mic
20 Psycho, the Phantom Impulse Device
20 Written Questions
21 The Change Bag
21 The Change Basket
21 The Mirror Bowl
22 Back of House Steal
22 Audience Switch
22 X-Ray Principles
22 The Revello Tray
23 Cosmic Vision
23 Mindreader’s Billet Reader
23 Medium’s Textbook
24 Wax-Boards
24 The U.P. Clip Boards – The Mentalist’s Most Secret Device
25 Second Phase of Mindreading
25 – Direct Contact Phone
25 – The Wired Carpet
26 – Wireless Method
26 – Mental-Mic
26 – Blackboard Method
27 – Footlight Method
27 – Cushion and Crystal
27 – Reading Under Sheet
27 – Prompter Stand
28 – Floor Type Prompter Stand
28 – Mechanical Ball
28 – Faro Box
28 – Velvet Scroll
29 – The Hand Roller
29 Non-Mechanical Methods
29 – Card Method
30 – Sealed Billet Reading
32 Third Phase of Mindreading

34 Chapter VI Master System of Mindreading
34 What the Audience Sees and Hears
36 The Lecture Analyzed
37 The Answers Continue
41 The Book Sale
42 The Book
43 The Question Answering Analyzed
48 The Modus Operandi
51 Gaining Supplemental Information
52 The Further Preparation
53 The Ladies Only Matinee
54 The Mid-Night Seance

56 Chapter VII Radio Mentalism
62 The Explanation7
65 The Author’s Suggested Improvement

68 Chapter VIII TV Mentalism: new to 2nd Edition

71 Chapter VIII Hotel and Night Club Mindreading
72 Explanation
73 One-Ahead Method
74 The Master System Again
74 Mental Telepathy
75 The Mental-Mic
75 One Man Blindfold Routine
76 The Psychic Program

77 Chapter IX Further Use of the Clip Boards

88 Chapter X Hellstromism Experiments
90 Chapter XI Midnight Ghost Shows
93 Chapter XII Booking and Exploitation
99 Chapter XIII Psychic Tests
112 Chapter XIV Spiritualistic Table Lifting
116 Chapter XV Office Clairvoyance
121 Chapter XVI The Seance Room
125 Chapter XVII Astrology Thumb-Nail Sketches
128 Chapter XVIII The Horoscope Pitch
131 Chapter XIX Escape from the Ordinary
134 Chapter XX Recommended Books for Study

  • Publisher: Nelson Enterprises
  • Pages: 139
  • Location: Columbus, OH, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1944, 1960
  • Binding: softbound

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