The Doc and his Deck by Jacob Taub

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Details: If you think you have been doing card magic until now, wait until you read The Dock and His Deck written exclusively for Louis Tannen, Inc. by special arrangement with Dr. Taub. “Doc” has been manipulating the pasteboards for more years than he cares to remember, and in this book he has recorded for posterity the machinations and manipulations that have made him one of the world’s leading authorities on the fine art of cardwork.

Some of the top performers of card magic who have reviewed the volume have offered rave reviews:

“Explicit, detailed descriptions and illustrations make Dr. Jack Taub’s book an example of what magical scholarship should be.” Ken Krenzel”

A welcome addition to any magician’s library. It is a compilation of methods and effects that bring card magic up-to-date.” Sam Schwartz

“If you have a little knowledge of card magic and wish to add to your arsenal of sleights and tricks, Jacob Taub is a wonderful teacher!” Karl Fulves

YOU, TOO, CAN BECOME A CARD EXPERT! This valuable reference work belongs in every magician’s library. Surely, a work such as this is destined to be reprinted many times. This is a beautiful cloth bound volume, over 160 pages with over 340 clear illustrations.

Contents (from book ToC): 

7 Preface
9 Jacob Taub – A Biography
11 Foreword
13 Introduction
17 1 The Instant Color Change
23 2 Full Deck Ambitious Card Routine
31 3 Card Transposition 1
33 4 Three Card Ambitious Card Routine
37 5 Four Ace Production by a Spectator
40 6 The False Riffle Card Shuffle
43 7 Some Card Forces
46 8 Card Control 
50 9 The Hindu Shuffle or Cut
52 10 Card Transposition No 2 The Deliberate Mistake and Recovery
54 11 The Dovetail Shuffle
59 12 Fake Cuts
62 13 The Double Cut
64 14 The Faro Shuffle 
67 15 An Impromptu Divination – The Twenty-Five Card Trick
71 16 You Do As I Do Card Routines
75 17 You Do As I Do Card Routines (continued)
77 18 You Do As I Do Card Routines (continued) 
80 19 Four Ace Production from a Reverse Card Mix
86 20 The Production of a Single Selected Card from a Reverse Card Mix
89 21 The Buckle Maneuver
93 22 The Buckle Concealment
96 23 The Hidden Card (The Three Card Color Change)
99 24 Blankers and Jokers
103 25 The Floating Aces
107 26 Cards to the Pockets
115 27 Plunger Production of the Four Aces
119 28 The Gambler and the Kibitzer
122 29 The Rising Card Escape 
126 30 The Universal Cards
131 31 The Four Joker Color Change – Part One The Color Changes 
136 32 The Four Joker Color Change – Part Two The Disposal of the Double-Back
140 33 The Four Joker Transposition
145 34 The Elmsley Count and Its Modificatoons
147 35 Thee Card Effects Using the Elmsley Counts 
153 36 Bonus (Non-Card) Effects

  • Publisher: Louis Tannen
  • Pages: 157
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1976
  • Binding: hardbound

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