Card Fictions by Pit Hartling

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Details: Since its original publication in 2003, Card Fictions has become a classic of card magic.
David Blaine used a routine from this book for one of his TV specials, Pit himself chose another for his appearance in the FISM Close – Up Gala Show, and effects from Card Fictions are in the professional repertoires of performers all over the world. The book contains a variety of plots, effects and presentations:

  • You sense the colors of playing cards through a solid table.
  • Stack four Poker hands in less than ten seconds.
  • Kick any named number of cards off a tabled deck.
  • Put chaos to order.
  • Magically move cards to any positions in the pack at will.
  • Transpose a card from between a spectator’s hands to under his watch.
  • Instantly memorize the order of a shuffled deck.

The methods reach from well thought – out sleight of hand to self – working principles and effective psychological strategies. Card Fictions also contains two (entirely practical) theoretical essays, including the famous “Inducing Challenges”.

“A triumph of brevity, creativity and quality from beginning to end.” -Eric Mead- (Genii magazine)

“This stuff is beyond clever.” -Max Maven-

“High caliber thinking at its best. Highly recommended “ -Michael Close- (MAGIC magazine)

“Somebody like Pit Hartling comes along only once in twenty years at best.” -Roberto Giobbi-

“Quite simply one of the best card books I’ve read in years.” -Simon Aronson-

Contents (Courtesy, no longer active):

6 Introduction 

10 Finger Flicker 
18 Master of the Mess 
30 Method and Style and The Performing Mode 
36 Colour Sense 
44 High Noon 
52 Cincinnati Pit 
60 Inducing Challenges 
68 Triple Countdown 
78 Unforgettable 

92 Last Word 
94 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Pit Hartling
  • Pages: 94
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 2003
  • Binding: hardbound

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