CardMagic by Richard Kaufman

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Details: It’s a 190-page (816 * 11) extravaganza with 67 terrific routines, effects, and sleights from the world’s greatest cardmen with over 725 illustrations by magic’s most-soughtafter artist. CARDMAGIC is already gaining a reputation as one of the top card books of recent years because it contains effects for the near novice to the most advanced expert, and it explains them in a clear lucid style with so many beautiful line drawings that it’s like having personal instruction. You can practically see every sleight being demonstrated for you by Richard Kaufman.

(courtesy Denis Behr’s ConjuringArchive)

2 Preface
3 Forethoughts
5 Ham and Cheese
7 Karate Card
9 Strange Harmony
11 Triumph Handling 
12 Number Nine Blue
14 Make Mine Dunbury Well
15 A Maze ing
19 A Conversation – Part One
20 A Card in Bill Switch – Standing
22 Another Card in Bill Switch – Still Standing
24 One More – This Time Sitting
26 A Dream Deck Switch, too
28 Swivelleroo Plus
30 Fantasy Cull
35 The World’s Fastest Reverse
40 A Conversation – Part Two
41 The W.S. Card Switch 
42 Packet Switch
44 Cover Switch 
46 Flourish False Cut
48 A Double and Triple Lift
49 The Semi-Circular Switch
50 The S.D.L. Change
52 Taps
53 Shooting Star
55 Fifty One Below
56 The Sideswipe Shift
58 One-Hand Mechanical Change
59 Introduction to Reginal Scot’s Card Section
62 How to deliver out four aces, and convert them into four knaves
64 How to tell what card he sees on the bottom, when the same card is shuffled into the stock
64 Another way to do the same, having yourself indeed never seen the card
65 To tell one without confederacy what card he thinks of
65 How to tell what card any man thinks of, how to convey it into the kernel of a nut or cherrystone, and the same again into another’s pocket
66 Of private confederacy
66 A Conversation – Part Three
67 Look Ma, Just One Hand! 
70 4-5-6 Aces 
72 Progress Report
74 Inertial Load
76 The Real Gone Aces Take Cover
78 HaLo Changes Color Again 
78 A Conversation – Part Four
80 A Radical Change 
82 The Arcadio Collectors
84 The SecondFromTheTop Change 
86 Pickin’ Up The Pieces
90 Mass Transit
92 S.P.L.I.T.
96 Turnover Coverpass
97 Predicted Collectors
100 Hofzinser Predicts the Collectors
101 Mackintosh
101 On The BMT – An Advanced Packet Handling
103 Quick: Which Way?
106 Monte for the Maladjusted 
109 Cassette (Side A)
111 Cassette (Side B) 
111 Flotation Stab
112 A Conversation – Part Five
115 Through Thick And Thin
121 Palms For The Poor
121 Envelope
125 Cutting Remarks 
128 In Case You’re Passing Through
132 Snapshot
136 A Vanishing Deck
139 A Conversation – Part Six
142 Phoenix Reborn
142 Introduction to Stand-Up Card Magic
147 A Phoenix of a Different Color
151 Blues Caught on a Windy Day
155 “It Shrinks!”
161 Travel
164 The Proverbial Hole
169 Slot Machine
174 The Polaroid Change
178 The Crystal Ball
179 Fantastamazing Aces
181 Salamander

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg, D. Robbins and Co.
  • Pages: 183
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1979


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