Come A Little Closer by John Derris

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(Andrew Loh) A wonderful book and contains great magic! Design by Anthony Brahams, Photography by John Derris & Jack Avis.

Contents: (source – book, updated Feb 2016):

vii Foreword (Peter Warlock)

viii Introduction (John Derris)

1 Session One – Jack Avis
1 Cards of Pegasus
4 1956 IBM Convention, Hastings: two photos
5 The Siva Fold
7 Photo: B&W photo of Bobby Bernard, Charlie Edwards, Frances Ireland Marshall, Alan Alan, Jack Avis and Roy Walton
8 The Siva Folded Card to Wallet
12 True Grit: using salt as a card locator

14 Session Two – Bobby Bernard 
14 Jet Transportation: Coins transpose from one hand to the other, no gimmicks
16 BB Drops Them Again: coins through the table
16 – The Flat Palm
19 Photos: Bobby Bernard & Herb Zarrow
20 H-E-A-V-Y: sponge ball routine ending

23 Session Three – Ted Danson
23 The Séance Card Trick: performed tongue-in-cheek
25 Give Me a Ring: magician gets the only envelope with the real money in it
26 Photo: Two of Ted Danson, 1959 and 1997
27 It’s a Date: Ted’s original diary prediction

30 Session Four – John Derris 
30 Monte Cristo Ring: borrowed finger ring removed from wand; no duplicates!
32 Photo: John Derris
33 One in Three: opening card routine
34 Photo: John Derris 1997
35 Hockley’s Coin Vanish: with the aid of a wand
37 Photo: John Ramsay, Doris Avis, Beryl Avis, Roy Walton, Jack Avis, John Derris, Stan Simpson, Bobby Bernard
38 Staggering: a gimmicked ring and string routine
43 The Big Squeeze: coin through ring – not a folder!

47 Session Five – Alex Elmsley
47 Point of Departure: selection vanishes from between Two Aces
49 Colour Filter: four red cards are pulled through a handkerchief, leaving the black cards
52 Card Counting Rhyme: a bit of business
53 Photo: Alex Elmsley 1953
54 No-Calc: mathematical location
57 Photo: Arthur Holland, Ted Danson, Bobby Bernard, Tommy Vanderschmidt, Roy Walton, John Derris, Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis
58 Oyster Shells: special glasses supposedly help find the Aces
60 Photo: Alex Elmsley 1997

61 Session Six – Arthur Holland
61 Cut and Restored Cigarette
63 Photo: Arthur Holland, Tommy Vanderschmidt, Ted Danson, Alex Elmsley

64 Session Seven – High Scott
64 Biography: and photo
66 Fern Court Glide Bluff

69 Session Eight – Tommy Vanderschmidt
69 Repeat Card in Hat: card passes twice from pack to hat, then pack is in hat and selection is in hand

71 Session Nine – Roy Walton
71 Knifed: color changing knife routine – W/W, W/Y, W/G, W/R knives
73 Photo: a young Roy Walton
74 All Hands on Deck: Joker turns into two selections
76 Photo: Roy Walton
77 The Alternative Shift: Aces vanish from Kings and appear in deck
79 The Invisible Plan: performer’s thought of selection exchanges with spectator’s
81 Photo: Roy Walton

82 Session Ten
82 What’s Wrong with Magic

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 93
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Edited by: John Derris
  • Dimensions: 9
  • Date: 1998
  • Binding: hardbound

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