Best of Friends (Vol. I) by Harry Lorayne

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Details: Harry Lorayne’s Best of Friends is a great resource for learning magic from dozens of master magicians. There are sections that describe the magic of Larry Jennings, Bro. John Hamman, Ken Krenzel, Sid R. Spocane II, and Herb Zarrow. Jim Swain’s “Vanishing Aces” is an exceptionally visual ace trick, and Jack Birnman’s “False Identity” will satisfy even the most well read card men.

To quote the author: “I think you’ll love this one. As I said in the advertisements—if you were shipwrecked on an island with only a couple of decks of cards and this book, I believe you’d be kept busy for the rest of your life.”
Best of Friends has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.

(Andrew Loh): Illustrated by: Joseph Wierzbicki. A great tome filled with lots of excellent card magic. Highly recommended!


15 Foreword

19 Section I
21 Tilt Sandwich Location (Harry Lorayne)
26 Ace Sandwich Four (Harry Lorayne)
33 Ace Sandwich Four #2 (Harry Lorayne)
37 Ultra Pop-Up Cover Pass (Harry Lorayne)
43 Sandwich Ramblings (Harry Lorayne)
55 Biography – Tom Mullica
56 The Future Change (Tom Mullica)
59 The Future Spread (Tom Mullica)
62 Mexican “Change” Over (Tom Mullica)
66 Biography – Ken Krenzel
67 Flip (Change) Over (Ken Krenzel)

71 Section II
73 Biography – Martin Nash
74 Fast Stack (Martin Nash)
78 Biography – (A. Berkeley Davis)
79 Square Up … And Away (A. Berkeley Davis)
83 Quadruple Jeopardy (Harry Lorayne)  
87 Biography – Larry Jennings
88 Count Me In (Larry Jennings)
92 Open Control (Larry Jennings)
96 Biography – David Grenewetzki 
97 “TSHocker” (David Grenewetzki) – Bro. John Hamman
100 Concert Aces (Harry Lorayne)
104 Biography – Charles Hudson 
105 Sum Hummer (Charles Hudson)
109 The Royal Computer (Charles Hudson)

113 Section III
115 A Card To Remember (Harry Lorayne)
120 Biography – Jean-Jacques Sanvert
121 Instant Spread Reverse (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
125 Ribbon-Spread Techniques (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
125 Glimpses
128 Psychological Force
128 Almost Automatic Force
130 Control
131 Biography – Sid R. Spocane II
132 Fascinating Pair (Sid R. Spocane II)
138 Double Duck (Harry Lorayne)
140 Biography – Terry Lagerould 
141 Fanta-Spread (Terry Lagerould)
144 Calling Card (Terry Lagerould)
147 Pseud-O-Mem (Terry Lagerould)
150 A Sweet Four-Card Change (Harry Lorayne)
158 Biography – Tom Craven 
159 Three By Two (Tom Craven)

163 Section IV
165 Biography – Edward Marlo
166 Zig-Zag (Ed Marlo)
166 First Method
168 Second Method
171 A Little More Nerve (Ed Marlo)
173 A Little More Zip (Ed Marlo)
175 “Snap” Sandwich (Harry Lorayne)
179 Biography – Allan Ackerman
180 Ultra Sucker Insertion (Allan Ackerman) 
183 Ultra Four Spot (Allan Ackerman)
186 Biography – Phil Goldstein 
187 Double-Bluff (Phil Goldstein)
190 Half-Faro Glimpse (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
193 Incomplete Faro Jog Control (Tom Craven)
195 Biography – Harry Levine
196 HaLo Five (Harry Levine)
198 Con-Fusion (Harry Levine)
200 Biography – Herb Zarrow 
201 Faro Throw-Off (Herb Zarrow)
205 Easy Slider (Harry Lorayne)
213 Biography – J.K. Hartman
214 “Image-ician” (J.K. Hartman)

219 Section V
221 Spring Thought (Ken Krenzel)
224 The Top Change (Ken Krenzel)
230 Biography – Richard Kaufman
231 General-ly (Richard Kaufman – Harry Lorayne) 
236 Even Odder (Richard Kaufman)
242 Biography – Meir Yedid
243 Mixed-Up Poker (Meir Yedid)
247 Thirteen Less One (Meir Yedid)
250 Biography – Michael J. Gerhardt
251 Super Triumph (Michael J. Gerhardt)
256 Voice Print (Harry Lorayne)
262 Biography – Bob King
263 Programmed Lie Detector (Bob King)
267 All-Fair Poker (Bob King)

271 Section VI
273 Biography – Tim Wenk
274 A Good Case (Tim Wenk)
279 Biography – Nick Pudar
280 Fold-er-ol (Nick Pudar)
284 Biography – Eddy Taytelbaum
285 Inter-Dimension (Eddy Taytelbaum)
291 Produce Four (Eddy Taytelbaum)
294 Biography – Jim Swain
295 Roundup – (Jim Swain)
298 The Vanishing Aces (Jim Swain)
301 Vanishing Aces Explored (Harry Lorayne)
301 The Card Between
302 Kings Between
307 Innov-ace-tion (Jim Swain)
313 Biography – Reinhard Muller
314 “Mish Mosh” (Reinhard Muller) 
320 Biography – Andre Robert 
321 Strategy (Andre Robert)
324 Treasure Hunt (Andrew Robert)

329 Section VII
331 Gone With The Wind (Terry Lagerould)
334 The Nickel Knows (Terry Lagerould)
337 Out Of Hand (Harry Lorayne)
342 Biography – Paul Gertner 
343 “Unshuffled” (Paul Gertner)
347 Biography – Jon Racherbaumer 
348 Mutual Aid Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
352 The Aces Turn To Collect (Jon Racherbaumer)
356 Reflex Spell (Jon Racherbaumer)
359 Biography – Looy Simonoff
359 Two Spread Bottom Palms (Looy Simonoff)
360 Spread-Pass Bottom Palm
363 Counter-Clockwise Bottom Palm
366 The Lorayne “Spread Out” (Harry Lorayne)
371 Weird Spread Palm (Harry Lorayne)
376 Snap Lap (Harry Lorayne)
378 HaLo For Four (Harry Lorayne)

383 Section VIII
385 Biography – Bob Farmer 
386 Reversatility (Bob Farmer) 
390 To reverse a card
391 Without a tabletop
392 To reverse a card at a known position
393 To reverse cards throughout the deck
393 To reverse a card in a packet 
395 Invisible Inserts (Charles Hudson)
398 Biography – Dennis Marks
399 That’s Incredible (Dennis Marks)
404 Whole In One (J.K. Hartman)
414 Biography – Don England
415 Open Travelers Plus (Don England)
420 Twisted Hofzinser (Don England)
424 “Kick-Strip” (Harry Lorayne)
427 Strip-“Kicker” (Harry Lorayne)
431 The Lorayne Control (Harry Lorayne)
435 Biography – Robert Walker
436 Surface Sandwich (Robert Walker)
441 Rising Sandwich (Tom Craven)

445 Section IX
447 Biography – Bernard Bilis
448 A Visible Transposition (Bernard Bilis) 
451 Biography – Jeff Altman
452 Top-Cover Sandwich (Jeff Altman)
455 Miracle Time (Jeff Altman)
459 Cen-Transpo (Jeff Altman)
461 Triumphant Cut-A-Way (Harry Lorayne)
464 Biography – Peter Marshall
465 Troika (Peter Marshall)
468 Conglomer-ace-tion (Peter Marshall)
473 Ascension (Phil Goldstein)
477 Biography – Jack Birnman
478 False Identity (Jack Birnman)
485 Moving Up (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
489 Moving Up #2

493 Section X
495 Revers-able (Harry Lorayne)
498 Revers-able For Four (Harry Lorayne)
501 Spectator-Peek Glimpse (Larry Jennings)
504 Try To Remember (Larry Jennings)
507 All Systems Go (Larry Jennings)
512 Biography – Ron Ferris
513 Firestorm Two (Ron Ferris)
519 Sandfire (Ron Ferris)
521 Biography – Steve Minch
522 Aces Over Teakettle (Steve Minch)
528 Force Feed (Steve Minch)
530 Force Feed Between
530 Spectator Force Feed Between
531 Spectator Force Feed Between #2
531 Between Four
534 Force Feed Eight (Harry Lorayne)
539 Ultraces (Harry Lorayne)
545 Ultroon (Harry Lorayne)
548 Two-Handed Ultra Move (Harry Lorayne – Richard Kaufman)
553 The Lazy Man’s Ultra Move (Harry Lorayne)
556 Ultra Location (Harry Lorayne)

558 Last Word

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 559
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Edited by: Harry Lorayne
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1982, 2001
  • Binding: hardbound

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