Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls by Brian Watson

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I purchased this book and the DVD so that I would have a reason to finally, after almost 47 years of learning magic, sit down and practice the Cups & Balls … 🙂

Details: The information for the book is the same as the DVD, except the book has 95 pages and is photographically illustrated throughout.

Cups and Balls. Brian Watson is a consummate pro! Yes he loves magic, but he “really” loves the cups and balls.  In addition Brian has incredible skill in putting together exceptionally high quality commercial magic – and those type of people are few and far between, and the one’s we are always looking for – as we take our responsibility to bring you the best – seriously. 

After 15 years of honing, refinement and development, this is Brian’s “go to routine,” as it takes up no pocket space, has no clothing restrictions and is ready to go instantly. For me, the cups & balls is now as convenient as the chop cup!

Cups and Balls Book:
In terms of cups and balls this is a game changer! I know that sounds like a bold claim but it really is. After 2000 years it’s finally been made a practical routine! Last November I ran a workshop teaching this routine, I’ll post the video review links below for you to take a look at….

Cups and Balls – Brian Watson:
Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls is a BOOK featuring my cups and balls routine that has been worked on and honed for 15 years.

It has many benefits over every other cups and balls routine previously published that make it a worker. There’s no complicated set up, all you need to do is pick up the bag and go. you’re ready to perform the whole routine in an instant. Obviously, previously to this you had pockets full of final loads, working balls, a wand, cups etc. and it also meant clothing restrictions.

The BOOK teaches the routine, the psychology, blocking, how to create and manipulate memory for greater impact, a new cups and balls sleight, a new 3 ball production with no palming and the worlds cleanest 0 3 0 sequence.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Cups & Balls
  • The Most Practical Cups & Balls Routine In The World
  • No Set Up
  • No Body Loads
  • No Pockets Used
  • No Clothing Restrictions
  • Packs Small, Plays Huge!
  • Self Contained
  • Ready To Go Instantly
  • 15 Years Of Refinement
  • New 3 Ball Production
  • New Universal Sleight
  • The World’s Cleanest 0 3 0 Sequence]


Copyright 1
Dedication 2
Contents 3-4
Introduction 5-7
Making the Routine Memorable 8-10
Managing The State Of The Audience 11
The Early Learning Set 12-13
The Routine 14
The Evolution Of The Routine 15-20
Benefits Of The Routine 21-22
The Pouch 23
Where To Obtain The Pouch 24
The Ball Pouch 25
What You’ll Need 26
The Best Type Of Cups To Use For The Routine 27
About This Book 28
The Set Up 29-31
The Anatomy Of The Cup 32-35
Getting Into The Routine 36-38
The Sleight-less 3 Ball Production Sequence 39-50
The 030 Sequence 51-61
Stealing Back The Extra Ball 62-65
Final Load Psychology 66-67

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