A Conjuring Melange by Stanley Collins

(c. 1947) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Having spent more than forty-five years as a professional entertainer, Mr. Collins presents more than fifty tricks which he either originated or improved so extensively as to convert them into virtually new feats.

Tricks with cards, coins,  and handkerchiefs, pocket tricks, mental tricks, miscellaneous tricks, tricks for children, a stage illusion and ever several conjuring puzzles go to make up this magical feast.

Two features of the book are worthy of special mention: the tricks are genuinely workable and the explanations are clearly details and illustrated.


v Introduction: Paul Fleming
ix Foreword

1 Part I: Tricks With Cards
3 Mystification Follows Explanation
6 Attack
8 The Magnetic Aces
14 The Royal Reunion
16 The Nomadic Numbered Discs
20 The Esscee Prearranged Pack
25 Courting Cards
27 The Multiple Spelling-Bee (First Method)
30 The Multiple Spelling-Bee (Second Method)
32 Extremes Meet
39 The Forthright Four-Ace Trick
43 The Anti-Gravity Cards
46 The Comedy of Errors
51 Sympathetic Coincidence (First Version)
55 Sympathetic Coincidence (Second Version)
57 An Arithmetical Trick
61 The Conjureer as Card-Sharper
64 Wizard’s Whist
66 Two-Card Penetration
71 Jumbo Card Penetration
73 The Mystery from Domdaniel
79 The Spider
86 The Tables Turned
90 The Tables Turned Again
94 The Esscee Double-Lift
98 Four-Card Monte
101 The Triple Flight of Cards
103 All Fours

107 Part II: Pocket Tricks
109 Penny-Tration
113 The Double Crossed Bat
115 Acrobatic Elastics
118 The Lunatic’s Thumb
122 The Double Coin-Roll

125 Part III: Tricks for Children
127 Signs of the Rhyme
132 Signs of the Rhyme (Revised Version)
134 Box and Chocs

145 Part IV: Tricks with Handkerchiefs
147 Aerial Handkerchief Knotting
150 The Umteenth-Century Handkerchief Trick
153 The Knee-Plus-Ultra Handkerchief Trick
158 The Esscee Handkerchief Pull

161 Part V: Mental Tricks
163 The Quick and the Dead Again
166 Whisper Word
170 Chiffrenom

175 Part VI: Miscellaneous Tricks
177 Necromancy with Numbers
182 The Flying Sum and Divining Cards
188 The Self-Effacing Servante
191 The Transposing Die and Handkerchief
197 The Crystal Casket and Flying Die
203 The Hindu Bead Mystery
206 The Wand-ering Peg
210 The Wand as Comestible

213 Part VII: Stage Illusion
215 Le Mystere Electrique

223 Part VIII: Conjuring Puzzles
225 Four Conjuring Double-Acrostics
229 Three Conjuring Rebuses
230 A Conjuring Cross-Word Puzzle
233 A Skeleton Conjuring Cross-Word Puzzle
234 Solutions to Double-Acrostics
237 Soulutions to Rebuses
238 Solution to Cross-Word Puzzle
239 Solution to Skeleton Cross-Word Puzzle
240 A Page of Conjuring Word-Squares
242 Index

  • Publisher: Fleming Book Company
  • Pages: 244
  • Location: New Jersey, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x8″
  • Date: 1947
  • Binding: hardbound

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