Review by tom kasner for Haunted Briefcase by Kasner Electronics

Review by tom kasner for Haunted Briefcase by Kasner Electronics
Review by tom kasner for Haunted Briefcase by Kasner Electronics
5 out of 5

Where the haunted briefcase began

I was recently invited to attend a garage sale at the Villa Montezuma in San Diego and found this rather ratty old briefcase (not as old as the house, but well used!). The Villa is a late 1800’s mansion, decorated in period style, with stained glass windows, heavy paneling and secret compartments. It was also the former home of Jesse Shephard, a mystic and spiritualist. I had no idea the power the possessions of this house would prove to have.

After many months, I opened this old briefcase to see what use it might fill. I was distracted by a friend stopping by, and laid my notepad and pen inside before leaving the room. A few moments later my wife yelled out that she was going to the market. She also said that she had written the phone number of a client who had called on the pad in that "old ratty briefcase". Somehow, unexplained, still a mystery to this day, I could suddenly see that phone number even though the briefcase was in a different room! I walked out to where the briefcase was to confirm the accuracy of my vision- it was accurate! I felt this strange but gave it no further thought. Later that afternoon, (the old briefcase still in the same place on the table) my daughter wrote down the phone number where she was going to be for the evening on the same pad within the old briefcase. Once again, yes, you know the rest! Once ……maybe. Twice…..??? Time to put this old briefcase to the test. I asked my neighbor to come over, and asked him to draw a symbol on the pad in the briefcase while I was out of the room- without being able to see what he had drawn, I was able to duplicate his symbol perfectly. We have tried this experiment again and again with the same result. Haunted? Maybe. Will it work for you? Absolutely! We Guarantee It! TK

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