Review by Mesquita for Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller

Review by Mesquita for Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller
Review by Mesquita for Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller
5 out of 5

Triple Threat Wallet – Mentalist and Magician’s Wallet

Hi guys,

I will try to make the review of this little gem. I apologize in advance for my bad english.

Name: Triple Threat Wallet
Price: $65
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

The effect:

The name says it all! It is indeed a TRIPLE threat! Card to wallet is a classic effect. But all the messy palming and stuff… I don’t know… And sometimes I perform for more than one person… And sometimes I like to do some mentalism effects that will just FRY people… So I guess I better get my special pants… NO, not THOSE special pants… Well NO MORE! That’s right! We bring you FREEDOM! One wallet to rule them all!!!

The Triple Threat will Enable you to have one or two SIGNED selected cards go to DIFFERENT SEALED parts of the wallet… WITH NO PALMING!

The Wallet:

It’s a really good leather wallet. Very well made. It has 4 credit card slots, that you can easily put 2 cards in each slot, so you can carry up to 8 cards ( I have six right now ). It has place for money (you don’t need to fold your notes). On the insert ( Mullica Insert ) you can put more credit card if you want, or like I did, just put your business cards. The Mullica Insert has a little different kind of load that you have on your original Mullica Wallet ( I will talk more about this…). Just one thing that I think Anthony Miller could put here: a little place to put coins (this wallet does not have…) It is small enough to put it in your back pocket. ( You can see the correct dimension on the RFA Productions site. )

The Instructions:

It is a little black and white booklet with 8 pages. It explains the basic handling , very clear, for the signed cards to different sealed compartments (it has some drawings to help). It explains very briefly some mentalism applications such as peek, and pocket writing. The last thing on the booklet is a sample routine using the peek function of the wallet. So, I think that Anthony could put more Routine Ideas on the booklet…but your imagination will solve this .
– The handling for the signed card to the insert: I really like the way the sealed compartment is. (You need to unbutton it on the top). The insert is very little if compared with the original Mullica Wallet, and THAT’S GREAT! But the way the booklet explains to load the card in the insert is not so clean in MY OPINION. And if you do the way it explains, you will need to be careful with angle. But this WAS ALREADY SOLVED. I first thought it was solved by me, but independently and BEFORE I thought on this handling, the Member of the "Owners of TTW Forum" Ran Pink got a great (and very similar to mine…) handling to load the card on the insert. ( So, if you get this wallet, go to the Owners Forum and take a look at it, it has a great video made by Ran Pink {Thanks Ran! }).
– The Handling for the signed card to the main wallet: It is a very easy No Palm card to wallet. You make the load in less than a second. So there is nothing to add here. You pick the wallet and it’s done.

– The load: You will easily load to cards on the wallet, and you can just "throw" your wallet on the table without any fear(because the cards will be greatly secure ). So, you can load the cards, put your wallet "away" do another routine… and after that you can produce the 2 signed cards from the two different compartments.

– The peek function: Nothing new here, just a great peek wallet function using the insert. So you can make a peek, and show your wallet all the way around because there is nothing to see.

– Pocket Writing function: Use the wallet to make predictions with a very easy load (like I said).

The Dealer:

I get my wallet in just a week. I made my order and 5 days after this Anthony sent it to me by Fedex International Priority ( 2 days to delivery ). Everything went ok.

Final Thoughts:

The routines you can make with this wallet are endless. Let me say this again: The routines you can make with this wallet are ENDLESS!!! Your imagination will make this wallet not a "little gem" like I already said, but it will be your BIG TREASURE. I’m a wallet junkie, and I have some wallets, but this will be my every day wallet.

Instructions Booklet: 6/10
Workmanship: 10/10
Possibilities: 10/10
Reactions: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Design: 9/10 (just because it does not have the place for coins… )

Overall: 9.2

I highly recommend this!

I hope this help you guys,

all the best,


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