Review by George Guerra for Lassen UWC Coin Set by Todd Lassen

Review by George Guerra for Lassen UWC Coin Set by Todd Lassen
Review by George Guerra for Lassen UWC Coin Set by Todd Lassen
5 out of 5

Gaff or Regular?…Just Too Perfect!

Anyone in coin magic doesn’t need any introduction to Todd Lassen, frankly, the finest coin craftsman anywhere today. It was a Lassen gaff, the original U3F, that made me a convert to coin magic. Over the years, I have owned many of his gaffs, but more recently I have focused my attention with a vengeance on his stuff. Much of it comes from seeing up close all the great goodies coming from his shop, AND without the usual long wait, though well worth it, of course. First it was ebay and, presently, it is his new blog site. Didn’t realize how many neat stuff there was aside from the usual "standard" stuff one is accustomed to seeing.

Pictured here is the hottest new gaff set from Todd…the Ultimate Wild Coin set that, with the accompanying regular remilled coins, will allow you to perform some incredible magic. The gaffs are so perfect that I always have to lift the coins to see which one drops an insert to distinguish the gaffs from the regular coins in the set. Todd has a video on his blog showing one routine where the coins appear, change from silver to copper, and back to silver in an amazing display of coin magic. More routines will be available from the likes of David Neighbors.

This is, without a doubt, most highly recommended, but, then, anyone who has owned a Lassen gaff doesn’t need any encouragement to "shell" out hard earned money on the very best tools to perform miraculous coin magic. Even if you are only a collector, a Lassen gaff is pure metallic Art to savor and enjoy.

QUIZ: can you tell which of the two overlapping sets in the first image are gaffs or the regular companion coins…the answer is in the second image.

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