Review by George Guerra for Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen

Review by George Guerra for Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen
Review by George Guerra for Lassen Ramsay Stack by Todd Lassen
5 out of 5

The Best Ramsay Stack!

John Ramsay’s Cylinder and Coins is a classic effect, but among the few props needed to perform this routine is a special gaffed stack of coins. I have owned several types over the years. There are fixed ones with three pins holding the coins together, either well aligned or slightly staggered to give it a more “natural” look. There were the ones with only one pin to allow the stack to pivot, but the range was only one dimensional. Remember, these are supposed to be just a stack of coins to the spectator and naturally would be misaligning as you handle them.

Now, we have Todd’s Magnetic Ramsay Stack…evolutionarily ahead of everything I have ever seen. NO PINS, whatsoever to be found! But, quite solid with no chance of separation during the routine yet quite natural in handling this stack of beautiful old Morgan dollars as can be seen in the images. Todd picked some choice soft Morgans with gorgeous patina. The design also allows you to use either a 3 or 4 coin stack (I remember churning that choice when I ordered a fixed stack from one well known craftsman)

I have to say that, even though I had an idea how this gaff was likely constructed, on inspecting my purchase the day I received it in the mail, I smiled and just shook my head in disbelief over the precision craftsmanship and ingenious design that Todd incorporated into this gaff. I was surprised! There is absolutely no better stack for this routine to be found anywhere and I doubt anyone can come up with a better one, too.

At the moment, I am building as large a collection of Todd’s work as I can get my hands on. He is the best coin gaff machinist…period! This is not speaking out of air as I do have gaffs from his competitors.

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