Review by George Guerra for Lassen Columbian Shell Set by Todd Lassen

Review by George Guerra for Lassen Columbian Shell Set by Todd Lassen
Review by George Guerra for Lassen Columbian Shell Set by Todd Lassen
5 out of 5

Dream numismatic gaffs!!

I have owned several shell coin sets in the past with a few beautiful sets now present in my current gaff collection, but this one inspired me to upload it on Andy’ site. Just got it in the mail this morning, too. It was offered on Todd’s blog site and I grabbed it fast before anyone else could…what a hunt and what a prize. These are the first silver commemorative coins ever released by the U.S. Mint for the Exposition, actually a World’s Fair, held in Chicago in 1893, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

These are not your usual gaff coin variety or choice, but also not quite overall rare, either. However, as Todd puts it, "you can find one or two here and there, but again, finding ones with nice patina in matching conditions and sizes will require mucho patience". As coins go, these are beautiful designs. The obverse was done by Charles Barber, while the reverse design was delegated to George Morgan. Many may not be fully awared, but these are REAL American half dollars.

Two shells came with the set along with 4 regular coins. The top two "coins" in the first image are the shells covering a coin…deceptive when compared to the two regular coins at the bottom, as you ca see. This is the great precision close tolerance typical of Todd’s work. The second image is an un-nested view with the shells to the right. The third image has all the regular coins at the top with the two empty shells at the bottom.

What a treat and you can count on me to keep a constant lookout on his site for any new stuff to buy.

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