Review by George Guerra for Doesn't Matter by Richard Gerlitz

Review by George Guerra for Doesn't Matter by Richard Gerlitz
Review by George Guerra for Doesn't Matter by Richard Gerlitz
5 out of 5

The ULTIMATE Block Penetration

This new Gerlitz release has excelled my expectations and squelched some reservations I may have had when I first saw it on Richard’s site. There was no question that the Oriental appearance to the apparatus looked admirable and now that I have it, it is truly beautiful to behold…a real attention getter just seeing it on any surface in the home. Richard does have an eye to design that is quite appealing in his previous releases and Doesn’t Matter is no exception. This world first, self operating block penetration does live up the title.

The workmanship is impeccable and the ALL MECHANICAL method ingenious with close attention to every possible detail (for those fans of fancy gadgets, you will love seeing this in operation over and over). The setup is very easy…worked perfectly smooth the first time I quickly set it up and it is incredibly silent in operation. Now the only reservation I did have was concerning the workability of the black art screen. The illusion does indeed work, even during indoor daylight and up to a few feet from the apparatus. If it fooled my wife, even after I told her the method, it will be a real fooler.

Again, Richard has brought out another winner to his fine line of limited edition magic. The series number is down to only 25 and this is will sell fast. Now, to the next wonder from Richard…

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