Review by George Guerra for Cameroon Ball Vase by Colin Rose

Review by George Guerra for Cameroon Ball Vase by Colin Rose
Review by George Guerra for Cameroon Ball Vase by Colin Rose
5 out of 5

Turned Magical Art Beyond Comparison

Can a magical apparatus leave you speechless on first sight? Very few are that good. I have always been an admirer of apparatus built from fine exotic woods. There is just something about the color, grain, and feel of wood in an apparatus with magical qualities. Two people come to mind in this category…Mel Babcock and Alan Warner. Now, take a big step towards Art worthy in a collection of any fine art gallery or museum and these vases from Five of Hearts Magic take center stage. The artists behind these unbelievable vases are Colin Rose and Paul Coker.

The Cameroon Collection is a new series to be available later this year with its hallmark being that all its pieces will be turned from the finest African Padauk. This Ball Vase stands 7 inches and is the First Issue Ball Vase in this Collection…a gesture from Sharron Rose, Colin’s wife, after a query I sent her a few weeks ago. She responded by moving forward the plan to add this vase to the Cameroon Collection, which already had released a chop cup and set of cups & balls with matching wand. The vase is so gorgeous and flawless, I have no words to describe my enthusiasm when I first saw it. The base has an Ebony hallmark with a five of hearts playing card engraved on it…beautiful!

As can be seen I have become a avid fan of this company’s products. The pictures, I can assure you, only give you a "glimpse" of the quality craftsmanship that goes into these vases.

Most highly recommended…wood magic just doesn’t get any better.

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