Alan Warner

Congratulations, Andy, on your superb websites which are a real pleasure to visit. As a creator of magic, I find it great to be able to browse through your various sites and view the truly wonderful range of magic apparatus in your personal collection. It is also great to be able to catch up on what is currently being made available to magicians by the magic innovators and craftsmen of today. Your excellent photography and unsolicited, down-to-earth reviews cannot fail but to be helpful to any potential purchaser – I cannot recommend your websites highly enough!


I really enjoy your site. Not only to research props before purchasing them, but just to work through your site to look at all the neat items you have.

John Saragusa

Andy has became my sole supplier of “Quality Magic”. You get straight talk, top of the line magic products and a fair price from Andy. I appreciate his informative web site and good advice for what I do with magic.

George Guerra

I think most visitors to this website who have read some of my reviews know how I feel about this website. It truly reawakened my interest in magic after a 10 years hiatus in collecting. Andy has done a professional job in displaying his collection that it’s a joy to visit and re-visit. I only wished others interested in the site would participate more actively with their reviews, opinions, ideas, and, especially TIPS on some juicy great magic out there. Thanks again, Andy.

Howard Baltus

Truly my favorite site of fine magical apparatus. You’ll find things you’ve never seen before. It’s a spectacular wonderland of wizardry! Ahhh, to be able to afford such a fine collection! Cheers, Andy! Best, Howard

Andy Martin

Welcome to the new Martin’s Magic Website. I hope you enjoy the site and if you get time, please leave your comments here. Thank-you and I appreciate all of your support.

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