Mark Stevens

Posted April 7, 2017:

Too often and none-the-less understood in a chaotic life, we utilize services without recognizing the incredible cost of time, energy and passion that is involved in creating them. This immediately comes to mind with Martin’s Magic (which is just one of Andy’s sites). As you view this incredible site, think about the time it takes in creating and maintaining what is unquestionably the largest database in the art. Martin’s magic is the Wikipedia of Magic.

Mark Stevens
Stevens Magic Emporium

Charlie Van Horn

Posted March 24, 2017:


As a Hobbyist/Collector (as I call myself) I cannot tell you how many times I refer to your website as the first place I go to look for your review (and others) on an effect to decide if its the kind of Magic I want. It saves so much research time I am sure for so many people such as myself and others. This website is a true gift to magic and I know must be an act of love of magic and the magic community as you must buy most of the magic you review and then that which you do not keep you sell at a loss. I do not think people realize this and that this is not really a money making venture for you but more importantly a gift to the rest of the magic community. From all of us magicians, hobbyist, collectors etc, thank You for this endeavor and I hope you are able to keep it going for a long long time to come.

Charlie Van Horn
New Orleans

Kent Bergmann

Posted March 22, 2017:

Can’t thank you enough Andy for presenting so many magical pieces from so many different creators from every corner of the world in such a professional, classy and quality way. It is evident, by your years of dedication, that your passion and love for magic is second to none! You have absolutely created the “Go To” resource for all things magic. Thank you again for all you do Andy . . . your endless hard work is truly appreciated.

Kent Bergmann
St. Paul, Minnesota

Brian Cook

Posted March 20, 2017:

Andy, Thank you for all that you do to document and preserve all of the amazing magic that is out there. I am extremely honored to be a small part of your incredible collection. Please continue to be the source that everyone looks to for amazing, inspirational and creative magic!

Brian Cook
Seattle Wa


When you are serious about Magic Trick apparatus, Martin’s Magic is the place to see, and if you want to buy visit their sister site at Quality Magic Sales! They are the most reputable in the industry for serious magicians and apprentices who enjoy collecting the best from the best.

François Danis

Andy, your website is a great source of magical knowledge. One can almost say that you have done the work of an encyclopedist ! Passion for our noble Art is one of your motivation. The other one is to put under lights, unknown craftsmen, whom, without your passion and your work would have stay unknwon. It is my case, I owe you a great thanks for giving me your trust, your help, and for making my work known in USA. So Andy thank you very much for your passion, and your involvement in Magic ! François 🙂

Thomas Pohle

Andy, this website is a true treasure on the web. It’s really amazing to see this huge collection on your website. What a crazy amount of work is behind it. I say a big thank-you to you, especially for featuring my own tricks from Germany over the last Thirty years. It is a daily pleasure to see them here and on the other site you have built A great reference book for all the world of magic

Gary Frank


Thank you for your expert assistance. Your site is totally amazing. Your method of displaying each of the effects makes it like a virtual online museum. Whenever I need to enjoy a “Blast to the Past”, I visit your site. I really appreciate all that you did to answer my question. It is nice to know that I can come to you should I have a question regarding a effect of the past and present.

Alan Warner

Another great website, Andy! No matter where your interest in magic lies, magicians worldwide are assured of finding this new Martin’s Magic website a delight to browse through again and again. Its ease of navigation and wealth of information for magicians are staggering – second to none. Congratulations!

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