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Ring n Wallet by Doug Malloy

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Effect: You’ll never leave home without Ring in Wallet; this one has it all! Doug Malloy releases his most-requested signature effect for magicians around the world!

This isn’t your ordinary wallet. In fact, this isn’t your ordinary effect; it’s a complete five-minute routine all centered around this beautiful leather wallet and a ring borrowed from an audience member.

A ring is borrowed from a spectator, and the performer introduces a velour cord to which he threads the ring. Very fairly, the ring is seen to visibly penetrate off the cord. The performer offers to repeat the effect, only this time, the ring has vanished off the cord completely! Where did it go? Even the performer is perplexed.

Feeling bad for losing the ring, the magician is prepared. Taking out his wallet, he offers it to the spectator. “Just kidding. Do you accept plastic instead?” he asks. Opening the wallet, the audience and spectator laugh when they see a $200.00 laminated bill. “How about a check?” The performer takes out a check which is stamped with the words “Insufficient Funds!”

After the laughter subsides, the performer calls all attention on the check. It instantly and visibly turns into a genuine $1.00 bill. “Well, we’re on the right track,” the performer states nervously. “Besides, you can buy a lot for a dollar these days! Remember those 10-10-220 ads?”

The performer now asks the spectator to undo his zipper. “The zipper of the wallet, I mean,” he states. The spectator does so, and inside the zippered portion of the wallet is a sealed envelope. The envelope is removed, torn open, and the borrowed ring is seen to tumble out, undamaged, right into the spectator’s waiting hands!

This has been Doug’s closing effect for the last 15 years in his close-up, strolling, and even stage shows! In fact, Doug has gotten more work from just this piece than any other effect in his repertoire. Clients and agents call on him to make sure that this effect is performed in every show in which he’s hired to perform–it’s THAT powerful! Doug says himself, “This is comparable to my Lemon Game for close-up situations, but it’s powerful enough and plays big enough for any stage!”

The custom-manufactured wallet, made to Doug’s exacting specifications for this very routine, is made from 100% genuine leather and can easily be used as your everyday, ordinary wallet. It is specially designed to take up to a 6 3/4″ envelope with ease! Can also be used for many card in wallet effects.

Doug Malloy is offering another routine from his professional repertoire. Ring n’ Wallet will be useful to the strolling magician. A finger ring is borrowed. It is placed on a velvet cord. The ring penetrates the cord. The magician attempts to repeat the trick, but the ring vanishes. In an effort to rectify the situation the magician brings out his wallet. A number of gags ensue. Finally, the magician has the spectator open a zippered compartment of the wallet. A sealed envelope is removed. The envelope is torn open. Inside is the borrowed ring.

As with his previous release, The Lemon Game, Doug provides you with every single thing you need to perform this routine: the leather wallet (which can also be used for Card in Wallet), the velvet cord, the plastic cash gag, a check-to-dollar bill gimmick, a sample envelope, a Sharpie marker, and an instructional video. The routine is certainly effective, and there is no chance of harming the borrowed ring. You should be aware that from a methodological standpoint there is nothing new going on here; Doug has constructed his routine from familiar components. If you already own the necessary props, the complete description of effect (which can be found on Doug’s website) may give away too much information. However, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of tracking down the props, and you enjoy the personalized instruction that video provides, your $180 will buy you an audience tested routine that can go into your strolling repertoire with a minimum of practice.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, May 2003)
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1 review for Ring n Wallet by Doug Malloy

  1. Andy Martin

    Doug Malloy always GIves the Goods!

    All of the Doug Malloy effects I have purchased have three things in common: they are complete entertaining routines, they are made very well, and they are easy to do.

    This Ring ‘n’ Wallet is no exception. The wallet is very nice indeed – and after performing it for over Twenty years Doug has filled it with all of these gags, tips, ruses and otherwise useful stuff.

    If you bother to follow along in the well produced video you will have another killer routine at your disposal. Learning all the bits of business will take you some time, but not because its difficult, just because there is a lot to pull together. But if you want a full 5 minute routine of anything it will take some practice. Doug provides everything you require to make this a true feature of your act.

    If you are a performer then this is precisely the sort of magic you will use and will love.

    Highly recommended!

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