Outlaw Wallet (with Sanctum) by Outlaw Effects

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Effect: The Outlaw wallet does not employ, a Stealth gaff, a Caper Case gaff, an Insight gaff, or a gaff like any other existing wallet. The card goes in, you put the wallet away, the work is done.

  • You DO NOT have to reopen the wallet to get the peek!
  • You DO NOT have to remove a card to get the peek!
  • The Outlaw has two inner pockets and an I.D. window (perfect place to keep your Sanctum card).
  • The card to be peeked goes in the inner pocket in front of a card ALREADY in the pocket AND in front of another pocket that has TWO cards in it. So, in effect, the peek card is now in front of three other cards AND another pocket! Nothing could appear more fair.
  • This is the exact same position the card will be in when you open your wallet and pull it out with a prediction already on the card.
  • The Outlaw Wallet allows you to P.W. or swami directly onto a card in the wallet, without having to open the wallet to do it!
  • The peek area is a full 3/4 of the card, enough to easily do a drawing dup!
  • The P.W. area is also a full 3/4 of the card!

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Approx. Price: $65.00 (2006) ***

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