Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Anthony Miller, Tim Trono

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Effect: The Mullica Wallet is famous for being THE card to wallet that doesn’t require palming. This new and improved design makes the wallet small enough to fit in your hip pocket… without losing any of the benefits of the bigger wallet. The Mullica Wallet was great, but because of its size you had to perform it in a sportcoat. The card traveled into your wallet which had to be in your breast pocket. 

How many people do you know in the year 2007 who walk around with a huge wallet in their breast pocket? 

Times change. Shouldn’t your magic? The beauty of The Hip Pocket Mullica is that you can perform the Mullica-style (no-palm) card to wallet in a t-shirt and jeans. 

It’s one of the most powerful effects available to the card magician, it’s easy, and you’ll LOVE this beautiful wallet.

Manufacturer Says
The Hip Pocket Mullica is handcrafted with a strict emphasis on quality. We use the finest leather. This is leather you would normally find in the most expensive designer accessories. When you buy The Hip Pocket Mullica you’re buying the best. Don’t be fooled by the low price. 

Size Open Flat: 7.5×6, folded 4×6. Package includes a 6 page instructional booklet and an instructional DVD featuring Oz Pearlman and Anthony Miller. 

Review by Channel One Magazine:

Tom Mullica’s modification of a commercially available wallet has become a favorite method for the card to wallet because it can be done without palming and the signed card appears inside a checkbook, inside a gentleman’s secretary wallet. When it comes to practical, repeatable, impossible location card effects it’s hard to beat. 

If it has a downside it is that many performers, who do not wear a coat while performing, find a secretary style wallet does not suit them. You often hear complaints that the Mullica wallet doesn’t look like a ‘real’ wallet, which is odd considering that it is a commercially available wallet modified for the effect. But the sad fact of the matter is, for many people a secretary wallet seems out of character. 

Enter Anthony Miller of Radio Free Atlantis Productions. Tony obtained permission to use the ‘Mullica concept’ in a previous offering, the BKM wallet, which is a secretary style wallet gaffed in the styles of Balducci/Kaps and Mullica. His latest offering is a Mullica style wallet in a smaller size, suitable for the hip pocket of your favorite pair of jeans. In addition to downsizing the wallet itself the checkbook has been replaced with a small inner wallet with a zippered compartment. 

Let me just say this. The Hip Pocket Mullica has replaced my working Rolf’s model wallet. Not only is this new version a more convenient size, it is also made of a better quality leather than the real wallet. The black leather smells great and feels like butter. It’s as fine a piece of work as you are likely to see in a magic shop or a haberdashery. 

How does it differ from the standard Mullica Wallet? It’s a bit shorter than a dollar bill, which means that you’ll have to fold down the ends of the money you carry in it by about half an inch. The outer wallet contains no slots for credit cards and the smaller flap that many folks use to hold the visible ‘prediction’ card used by Mullica, Burger, and others is missing. That’s not a problem for me and if you feel you need it I suppose you could clip a card to the flap the covers the money or simply tuck it in with the cash. The inner wallet, with the zipper compartment from which the card will eventually emerge, has a small windowed pocket in which you can place a driver’s license or credit card. I loaded this compartment with two of those sample credit cards, which arrive in my mail with annoying frequency, so that both are visible. This, and a few dollar bills tucked under the money flap give the wallet a ‘lived in’ look without adding any significant bulk. 

I located a suitable insert for this wallet at my local drug store, and considered making a slit in the outer wallet to accommodate it but finally decided to simply cut down the flap so that it would fit the license window instead. The cost was a meager .29, a reasonable investment should you wish to actually use this as your regular wallet. 

Included with the product is a simple and direct routine that requires no palming, and emphasizes the fairness of the zippered compartment. The instructions are clear and simple and the illustrations, by Tony’s better half, Rose, are first rate. 

So what’s not to like? Well, it’s not going to replace my billfold for day-to-day use, but I’m ok with that because it’s a damn fine replacement for my other Mullica and the zipper adds a dimension that I like. There’s a nice bit of drama to be had in the unzipping. 

Those happy few of you who have read my routine for the Mullica Wallet in Tubthumping already know what I think of the effect. It’s a natural, uncontrived and conveniently portable, impossible location. That I have replaced my working standard Mullica wallet with this model should tell you anything else you need to know. 


Ok, there is one other thing. In experimenting with this new wallet I hit upon the final moment in a routine that I’ve been chewing on for a couple of months now. I’ve been revisiting The Homing Card from Stars Of Magic and this is a perfect ending. The Homing Card is a card to pocket effect with an instant repeat. Adding the Hip Pocket Mullica to this routine puts a big climax at the third beat, making what was already a perfect trick, even better. 

After the card jumps to my pocket and then returns, using the original handling, I flip the pack face up and insert the card and then spread the pack to show it in the middle. As the face up pack is squared a cover pass takes it to the bottom of the pack and the cards are held in Biddle grip as the empty hand reaches into the other side pocket (since the pack is face up it naturally goes to the other side). When the hand comes out without the card and begins to take the pack the selection is side-slipped into a full palm. At the exact moment of the steal I flinch a bit as if something bit me on the butt, and exclaim “You have got to be kidding me!” as I twist my body to look behind me. 

I allow my hand to be seen empty as it removes the wallet. At the same time the pack is placed on the table or handed to someone. The palmed card is loaded under the wallet as it is flipped open, and then produced from the zippered compartment to finish. I make a point of ‘looking’ for the card before I find it in the zippered compartment, checking between the bills and squeezing the wallet as if trying to discover exactly what is/has happened. 

Like I said, recommended.

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Approx. Price: $69.00 (2007) ***

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