Hip Pocket Bombshell by Anthony Miller

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Effect: It’s HERE! At last! No Reason to worry about damaging those delicate hands of yours with tricky palming! No need to fear hot weather as you don that heavy jacket to carry your old style wallet! No need to suffer the withering stares and rude remarks of audience members as you pull out that old wallet and hear them say “That don’t look like any wallet I ever seen!”

Your salvation has ARRIVED!

The Hip Pocket Bombshell will set you free! A hip pocket billfold that does one of the slickest no palm card to wallet effects ever! What’s that you say? Can it act a switch wallet? Why sure! In fact it is a VERY deceptive switch wallet without all the bulk of a himber or Z-fold wallet!

What about table hopping and street work? No fears there! This wallet resets almost instantly!

But I don’t have a lot of room for magic wallets and my REAL wallet! The great thing about the Hip Pocket Bombshell, is that it can BE your REAL wallet! Credit cards, paper money (both European and US currency! )

Plus, it is just a nice looking wallet of the best leather! This is an exceptional product that will be in your pocket and ready to use at a moments notice!

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Approx. Price: $65.00 (2006) ***

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