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Tommy Wonder at British Close-Up Magic Symposium by Tommy Wonder

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Effect: Tommy Wonder was one of the world’s finest performers and magical thinkers, and this DVD captures some of his best close-up work when he presented his lecture at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium in Bath. Shot with two broadcast cameras.

Tommy performs and then explains in detail the following effects:

  • Thanks to Paul Harris – Tommy’s handling of the classic Paul Harris single torn and restored card in which the fourth piece appears to restore as well!
  • Lighter to Matchbox – One of the most visual table-hopping intro tricks. A Bic lighter instantly changes to a box of matches!
  • The Shrinking Box – Two versions of the shrinking card case. Very practical construction, easy to use.
  • Ambitious Card Routine – A clean and effective version leading to Card to Box, in which the signed card ends up folded inside a miniature hinged box on the table.
  • 2-Second Card Fold – A detailed exposé of Tommy’s lightning quick three-way card fold.
  • Squeeze – the brilliant illusion of a full deck being visibly squeezed into a tiny card box.
  • Deck Switch – Psychologically strong and easy to do.

Tommy also provides advice on performing close-up magic. He shares his thoughts on timing, misdirection, presentation and a whole host of other aspects of the magical art – truly fascinating!

Running Time Approximately 55min

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Approx. Price: $34.95 (2009) ***

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