Powerful Impromptu Card Magic Vol. 1 by Paul Gordon

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Effect: Learn 14 usable an doable card effects form Paul Gordon’s hit books: Nocturnal Creations, Protean Card Magic and Cause & Effect.

  • Totally Baffling Card Control,
  • Psychotronic Rides Again,
  • Diminishing? Not likely.,
  • Easy Ace Estimation,
  • Twister,
  • ITHEC,
  • The Perfect Heist,
  • TagTeam
  • Aces,
  • Millennium Collectors,
  • In The Hands Worker (explanation only),
  • The Gordon Diary Trick (performance only),
  • The Bride of McBride,
  • Caused Effect,
  • Twisting The Aces (performance only).

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