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More With Les – The Magic of Les Albert by Les Albert

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Effect: Years ago Les performed an original dice and cards mentalism piece for some friends. They asked that he perform this effect for a gentleman seated across the room. Not knowing whom the gentleman was, Les obliged and ultimately baffled Harry Lorayne, at least for a little while! Harry asked permission to write up the routine in Tarbell 7 and named the effect Die-Duction. Being a Philly boy like myself, Les used to hang out with Nat Litt, Lee Gray and was Jack Chanin’s doctor for a while. Through the decades, Les honed his skills and created many wonderful routines and some great variations on existing ones. I am delighted to bring to you, More with Les!

The Tricks You’ll Learn:

  • Coin Transference by Les Albert
  • 2. Flushstrated Aces – Routine by Les Albert
  • 3. Triple Prediction Revisited
  • 4. 515 – Les Albert – Les Albert
  • 5. Group Therapy
  • 6. Coins Sleightly Grey
  • 7. Magic Coin & Deck – Les Albert
  • 8. Die-Duction – Les Albert – Tarbell 7
  • 9. The Kings Deal – An elevator card variation.
  • 10. Paddle Hop – Les Albert
  • 11. Couples Therapy – Les Albert
  • ***BONUS EFFECT Coins Across – Performance only!

The effects chosen for this DVD are rather simple to execute, fun to perform and have a great reaction from any age audience! We think you’ll enjoy the magical teachings from a very humbled gentleman!” -Howard A. Baltus

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