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Mark Wilson Video Course In Magic (8 volumes) by Mark Wilson

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Effect: If you’re a beginner looking for great tricks, Mark Wilson’s Video Course in Magic is for you. 25 tricks on each video. That’s just $1.20 for each amazing trick. The man who brought magic to millions with the TV series Magic Land of Allakazam … The man who took magic around the world to China, Australia, Japan and Europe … now brings it to you in your home with this easy-to-learn video course, based on his best-selling book. It’s for beginners … it’s for all ages … it’s step-by-step instruction brought to you by the man whose name is synonymous with Magic … Mark Wilson.

Cups and Balls; Professor’s Nightmare; Spoon to Knife; Spoon Bending; Salt Shaker Thru Table; Thumb Fun; Finger Fun; Spinning Coin; Coin Thru Hole; Four-Coin Assembly; Coin Thru Handkerchief; French Drop; Pinch Vanish; Toss Vanish; Elbow Rub Vanish; Coin A Go-Go; Triple Rope Restoration; Cut and Restored Rope; Three Card Prediction; Prediction Outdone; Ribbon Spread; Ribbon Spread Pick-Up; Ribbon Spread Turnover; Ribbon Spread Control; Victory Cartons.

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Approx. Price: $200.00 (2000) ***

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