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Wonder Silk Box (Silk Wonder Box) by Klingl

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This was invented by János Bartl from Hamburg in Germany c. 1934, and licensed to Davenports in April 1934 to sell under the name Demon Wonder Box. It was marketed in the 8th issue of the Demon Telegraph, a house-magazine from Davenport. In the early version only two sides could be opened. c. 1952 an advanced version like this one came to the market with the name “Silk Wonder Perfect” and you could open all four sides.

Klingl or Zauber-Klingl was an Austrian Magic manufacturer and dealer founded by Rudiga Michael Klingl c. 1869 and they continued until the 1980’s. Their creations are high quality and are keenly sought by collectors today.

Effect: Performer shows a handsome plated box with thin sides. Holding it in one hand the front and back drop down and the top opens. There is no room to conceal a pin. Box is closed and immediately a number of silks are produced. One silk is replaced in the box and vanishes and is found elsewhere. Box may be shown empty after each production or vanish. Box may be thoroughly and minutely examined without the remotest possibility of anyone discovering the secret.

Production tubes, Jap Boxes will now have to take a back seat. Audience actually sees right through the box. NO MIRRORS, False Bottoms, hollow sides, clips, threads, back palming, fakes, body loads or anything of the kind. Box can be taken straight off the hand and handed for inspection. The Wonder Silk Box is a handsome, beautifully finished article. No sleight-of-hand required and the effect can be performed to perfection after a few minutes trial. Box is 3 inches high by 2.5″ wide.

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2009) ***

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1 review for Wonder Silk Box (Silk Wonder Box) by Klingl

  1. Christer Nilsson

    Klingl’s product

    I have this one in my Collection and have always asking people who the maker is. No one know, I got a tip that you have this in your Collection. And now I know that is a Klingl Product. Thank you!

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