Tyler Switch Tray by Magic Center Harri, Wilfred Tyler

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The Tyler Switch Tray was invented by Wilfred Tyler c. 1947.

Effect: A great aid to good magic and mentalism. An absolute must addition to the “armory” of the modern magician. It can be used for Vanishing or Changing cards, envelopes, etc., and used in all manner of subtle ways as the manuscript we supply with each one endeavors to show you. You’ll be surprised at some of the ideas given, for instance, a novel question-answering method and a slick, streamlined 20th Century Silks. Yes, the tray does it all, yet it’s so innocent-looking, only I ” thick! Neatly made in plastic and wood, the Tyler Switch Tray is always ready to work, always at your service in the cause of better magic.

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