Sterling Egg Bag by Jeff Busby, Chuck Smith, Harold Sterling

(c. 1925,1939,1983) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: At last a newly constructed bag that is 100% practical. EASIER TO WORK especially when surrounded by audience. This new type bag is made in plaid material and is real class. Size of bag: 9.5″ x l0.5″ inches. Bag is made of high grade material and can be dry cleaned when necessary. The original Sterling routine included. We heartily recommend this bag as being a real improvement.

THE STERLING EGG BAG, another Busby product that is in the super class. You may think an Egg Bag is an Egg Bag is an Egg Bag but until you have seen this amazing bag and read the thorough routine , you are living in the dark ages. The 25 page book that tells the history , gives the routine with many variations , is a classic in itself. It would take pages to do justice to this Egg Bag. In my few available inches of space, let me say the ingeniously contrived bag made of a woolen plaid is so deceptive, I examined it for fifteen minutes and failed to discover the pocket. The honors belong to Lynn Busby who can needle the customers with her superb needle work.

(Sid Lorraine – The New Tops, June 1983)

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