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Poor Man’s Safe by Joe Porper, Gaetan Bloom

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This effect still uses the original Strong Box 1.0 (which to my mind is preferable to the 2.0 version), but it was repackaged with a whole new amazing routine by the french magical genius Gaetan Bloom.

Effect: A clever comedy routine for the Porper Strong Box by Gaetan Bloom:

You start showing a sandwich-size, brown paper bag, closed at the top with a clip. Hanging from the clip is a small key. By gently shaking the bag, the audience hears that it is loaded with coins … your treasure! You borrow a coin from a spectator and have it marked with a Sharpie pen. (Or, if you wish, you can borrow a big finger ring, with no marking needed).

You put the bag on the palm of the assisting spectator, or you can leave it on the table. You draw a “slot” on the side of the bag with the Sharpie pen. After that, you start to push the marked coin (or the ring) thru the slot. Everyone can see the object slowly entering the slot. You stop for a few seconds with it halfway through, and then you push it the rest of the way in. Everyone can hear the borrowed object falling inside the bag.

You now insert the tiny key in the key-hole of the bulldog clip (gag), and remove the clip. You take the paper bag and ask to the spectator to hold her two hands cupped under it. You shake the bag up and down vigorously, and pretty soon, the bottom of the bag breaks apart. A number of small coins fall from it, plus a little metal box, securely closed with a tiny padlock. Upon opening the box, the spectator finds the borrowed object safely locked inside.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Poor Man’s Safe by Joe Porper, Gaetan Bloom

  1. Greg

    Solid Magic

    Don’t presume that you know how this effect works. The trick is familiar but the method is not.

    I’m a big fan of Joe Porper’s craftsmanship and creativity, but have steered away from some of his more ambitious efforts due to their prices. This was an exception however, after I saw a dealer demonstrate this effect at a recent convention. He used it as a typical ring box, but the effect was amplified ten fold due to the solid metal construction of the container. That sturdiness coupled with the fact that the dealer allowed me to examine it afterward, sold me on the box. It simply didn’t operate in the same way as other ring boxes did. I couldn’t figure it out.

    You’ll love this prop. Use it like a ring box, or follow the excellent Poor Man’s Safe routine that it comes with. Either way, you’ll have an unusual box with an uncommon secret, that will enable you to perform some extraordinary effects.

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