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P&L Deceptive Changing Bag by Petrie-Lewis

(c. 1923) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

A fine example of the P&L Deceptive Changing Bag with P&L Hallmark.  The ad copy always shows a tassel and quite a different shape but most photos I have seen of this bag do not have a tassel and are not quite as pointed as the advert.  It would not be the first time where a magic advert is itself quite deceptive.

Also the advert says that it only requires one hand on the handle – well this is true but you do still need to steady the bag with the other hand.  But the ad copy sounds like you can do the switch with one hand which I have been unable to do with either of the bags I have seen recently.  It is good to know that even a reputable company as talented as P&L like to push the truth a little 🙂

The final photos show the difference in size with the Spirit Bag which is as cute as a button and useful for many situations.

But if you need to switch something cleanly, smoothly and quietly either bag work perfectly. I have included some number slips to use the bag as a simple number forcing system for multiple prediction effects such as mental epic and others.

Effect: For Disappearing, Appearing and Exchanging such articles as Rings, Watches, Cards or Handkerchiefs, it cannot be equaled. It can be shown inside and out, yet instantly it is filled with Handkerchiefs, Flags, etc., or articles placed in the Bag may be vanished just as magically. 

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $150.00 (2023) ***

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