Photo Frame by Mikame Craft

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This effect is based on the Hartz Frame created by J.M. Hartz c. 1880 in New York City.  It has also been built by such famed manufacturers as Klingl, Bland, and Thayer.

Effect: A card or dollar bill APPEARS INSTANTLY behind glass in this handsome wood frame. There have been many versions of ‘Card on Window’. But all are difficult preparation and are limited to where you perform. And usually nothing can be examined. Mikame Craft from Japan has produced a marvel that the device can be examined!

A Selected card is torn into pieces with any corner being retained. The rest of the pieces are burned or otherwise vanished. Attention is called to a wooden picture frame resting in a small base on the magicians table. The frame is empty. Nothing behind the glass.

INSTANTLY the selected card appears under the glass without covering of any kind.

Frame may be covered with a cloth and handed to a spectator – they remove the cloth to find the card and they remove the card from the frame.

  • Quick Set-Up Action!
  • Self-Contained!
  • NO Special Table!
  • Use Cards, Billets or Dollar Bills!

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