Instant Silk Vanishing Wand by Viking Mfg.

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This is very different method from the 1930’s P&L and Klingl style of Silk Vanishing Wands.  The Viking one takes a real knack to be 100% with and it does quite quickly chew up the silks, but if you have the knack it looks amazing.

Effect: A small silk handkerchief is displayed, being held by its center. You strike it with your wand and the silk vanishes instantly without a clue.

Other Ideas:

  1. I have found that you can cause a silk hank to vanish in mid-air by tossing the silk into the air. As it descends, strike the silk with the end of the wand and the silk will vanish in mid-air. 
  2. Drop a silk hank into a glass tumbler and cover the outer surface of the glass with a paper strip so that silk is concealed. Dip the wand into the glass and cause the silk to vanish. Remove paper and show glass empty.
  3. Use an opaque container. Secretly place a clean white silk in the bottom of this container but do not show the interior of the container. Display a duplicate white silk with lipstick stains and drop it into the container. Stir with the wand and when you remove the silk, the stains have vanished.
  4. A visible vanish: Place the silk inside a glass tumbler and invert the glass. Drop the glass over the end of the wand, and the silk will vanish visibly.
  5. Color change: The blue silk will vanish leaving the red. This looks like an instant color change.
  6. SilkCola or other similar effect: Show the bottle empty and cover it. Lay the duplicate silk over the tube and strike it with the wand. Lift the tube and display the silk now sealed within the bottle. A visible transposition!
  7. Soup Plate exchange: Display a red hank and as you pass it through your hand it changes to blue. Lift the plate and there is the red hank! 

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