Double Card Fountain by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: We are proud to present our new Swedish made card fountain that has more possibilities than any other card fountain on the market. For BOTH Jumbo cards AND regular size cards! This card fountain can be used for both jumbo cards (type Anglo Giant) but also regular size cards. With our special gimmick you can fast change from small to big cards! Use a full deck and the cards will shoot over two yards (2 meters) high. You won’t believe your own eyes! Remote OR time delayed control Make your own choice by switching to remote control of the motor if you wish a time delay. Adjustable up to 15 sec before the cards starts to shoot. There is an automatic stop when all the cards are gone.

The apparatus is made of sturdy metal. The special electronic unit is molded in a box for highest protection. Size: Length and width = 4 inches (105 mm). Height = 5 1/2 inches (140 mm) The powerful motor uses 6 pcs of 1,5 V rechargeable batteries. The elc tronics use a 9V battery. All the batteries are covered but easy to remove when it’s time to charge. The motor is supplied with a special wheel of foam to get better friction and torque.

Example of effects:

  • Ask a spectator to select a card and put it back in the deck. You place the deck in a wine cooler or top hat (in fact you put the deck into the apparatus)! On your command the cards shoot high in the air. You catch one card. The selected one!
  • Or use a card sword or any other device to catch the card.
  • It can also be a fantastic finish for your card manipulation act.

El Duco’s Double Card Fountain comes complete with an Anglo Giant Deck and all the batteries and the instructions.

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