Color Flight Card Trick by Ed Massey

(c. 1946) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A pack of cards is divided into reds and blacks. The performer introduces a plain board tray in which a well has been cut just large enough to hold the cards. Into this well the magician asks a spectator to place the red half of the pack, explaining that he uses the board in order to prevent any suspicion of the conjuror manipulating the cards.

There is a little indention on the board which allows a knife blade to be inserted between the cards. Three or more (or in fact almost any number) of spectators insert the knife blade, raise the pack and withdraw the card either top or bottom of the blade (their choice) and then remove the card. Cards are collected by spectator and placed back in the pack. Spectators may initial cards if desired to make sure no switches are made.

Now a spectator who has been holding the black pack is given the red pack and the black pack is placed in the well. And now comes the amazing part-without performer touching cards and at his word of command, the initialed cards fly from the red pack and appear in the black pack-both packs may be thoroughly examined.

Cards are definitely the original initialed cards. No cards- use your own.

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